Dear Tomy USA,

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6 years ago#1
This game sucks.

Love, Misha
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6 years ago#2
Agreed, unless necessary changes are made.
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6 years ago#3
No, Ryujinki v1.5 would still suck. Give Superman 64 a face lift and what do you have? Superman 64 with a face lift. The engine is horribly, horribly flawed-- there's just nothing fun in this game to draw from. It's a cheaply made game, that probably only exists to try and breathe some life into Tomy's recently lackluster profit from the Naruto license.

Localizing this game just goes back on everything Tomy USA was saying while promoting Revolution 3. What happened to shaking off the 'just another licensed game' image, to appeal to hardcore gamers? What happened to grassroots marketing, all to keep morale high with the admittedly shrinking American Naruto fan-base? What happened to making something you actually enjoy and can be proud of? I'm not saying it wasn't a bumpy ride ('all-time low budget for the series' rings a bell,) but the game got amazing press-- people were genuinely enthusiastic about it! I didn't really see any negative impressions... at all. God, even GNT4 purists had to admit they did one hell of a job.

THIS game on the other hand, would be lucky not to make 'Top 10 Worst Licensed Games Ever' lists. And the worst part? Poor Ken is gonna be pimping this diarrhea like it's liquid gold. Here's a funny thought: if it's not broken, don't break it! Almost 5 solid years of building up a reputation with gaming media outlets down the drain, and for what? This REEKS of contractual obligation.

So Tomy USA, want my money? Package Dragon Sword with a Revolution 4 demo disc. Otherwise, this'll be the first year since '05 that I haven't harassed my local GameStop employees over 'that new Naruto game for the Nintendo.' (Their words, not mine.)
"man,i only want girl poop!" -NarutoFAN420
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6 years ago#4
Then dont get it. Simple. They said we arent getting a Revolution game this year so either suck it up and get this or dont get it and complain like a wuss.
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6 years ago#5
Tomy are smart. There are enough Naruto fanboys who will buy everything that has Naruto's name on it.
6 years ago#6

ipatz posted...
Tomy are smart. There are enough Naruto fanboys who will buy everything that has Naruto's name on it.

THIS^^^^. TOMY know's how to make money. And this will make money because they know Naruto fans will get this regardless of how bad it might be.

6 years ago#7
Tell that to Ryujinki's sales.

And before someone says that's unrelated, remember that there are a hell of a lot more Naruto fans in Japan, Ryujinki had some TV spots in heavy rotation, and had the benefit of nobody knowing how terrible it was before they had the chance to buy it.

It took some serious hard work to get Revolution 3 cred with hardcore gaming news media, and they did that because Revolution 2's sales proved that they can't just float by with sales from Naruto fans anymore-- the North American fanbase is shrinking rapidly.
"man,i only want girl poop!" -NarutoFAN420
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6 years ago#8
all i know is that i've lost all faith in there ever being a good Naruto game on the Wii and yes i feel all of them are horrible. but i'm not gonna get into that now, my point is that hopefully the Naruto games for 3DS, giving that they are fighters and not rpg's, will be worth while. (i've never played the rpg's so i can't say anything about them but i just mean i prefer a fighter. mind u i have heard some reviews and comments about some of the rpg's and they range from good-bad, so go figure)
6 years ago#9
No it's not. Naruto fans will buy this no matter what because it's as the name suggests. Quit whining about this and get over it.
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6 years ago#10
ur right Naruto fans will buy this. SOME Naruto fans will buy this.

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