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6 years ago#21
(for #46)
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6 years ago#22
Getting specific base forma in this game is a pain in the ass. It's almost as bad as getting Ukemochi Liver in Raidou 2.
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6 years ago#23
The only forma that is a real pain to get are the rare forma finds. Anubis Stone and Onogoro Ore are both silver forma and the drop rate is really rare. Some of the red base forma like some level II's can be a pain to find if you are looking on the wrong floor.
6 years ago#24
Actually I did the Anubis Stone ex mission and they are at two fixed points in Eridanus. One spot yields one (the teleport maze spot), and the other yields two (go up the stairs to 2F right next to the Eridanus' entrance and search for hidden portals on the east wall). It's actually marked on the wiki maps.

Onogoro Stone is probably random though because it's used to actually synth items.
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6 years ago#25

33. Marebito, the foreign god - talk to Ame no Uzume in Eridanus 2F by doing a gate search near the heal spot and find Futomata in Fornax 1F on the left side near the entrance. You'll be given a mirror, so go back to Eridanus 2F (save and healspot place) and gate search the northwest left corner and talk to the engima there - Gate Search E is the reward and the ability to fuse Amaterasu.
6 years ago#26

Thank you. You have no idea how much this was bugging me. To everyone else reading this, it's the yellow crystal marked on the map.

Btw, did you manage to find a Great Chakra yet for Melchom? And is a phase shifter C (if it exists) required to map Carina 2F for the mapping quest?
6 years ago#27
I found a Great Chakra in Fornax B6F for sure. I had two actually, probably got another in some other treasure chest.

As for Dantalian's request, no. You don't need to map dimension B.
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6 years ago#28

39. Tales of Investigation - talk to Dantalian on the top floor of Eridanus in the square room near the final save point and fully map 1st floor of Bootes, 2nd floor of Carina (Sanctum not required to be mapped and remember to turn off the phase shifter at the two phase shift points on the floor so you can map the area in the real world), 3rd floor of Delphinus (haven't completed) - Bookmark forma is the reward which can be manufactured into MP Regen II once take it back to the shop. It restores more of you party's MP but it's size is 7. Furthermore, you can go back to Dantalian and you can map more areas for him and he'll give you money for it, usually around 5000 macca. If you don't want to map a place he suggests, talk to him again and he'll give you a new place to map.

43. Melchom's Task 3 - talk to Melchom in Bootes 1F outside the tower. Bring him a Great Chakra. You can find one in a treasure box in Fornax B6. You get 40 000 macca as your reward and as a bonus Melchom gives you the Melchom ring which protects the wearer from strain.
6 years ago#29
Bump this. I'm getting near endgame and I have to see what EX missions I have left to do, like the Mara mission
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6 years ago#30
56. The mecha-dragon's secret - Talk to Dent and ask him for a mission and he'll have you talk to Tanaka. You need to talk to Fafnir and he can be found in Horologium B7 - Phase Shift B. It's not like a normal negotiation. There are fixed questions. For your first answer say you desire something, then ask for his body parts and your reason is because you are curious. You have three choices and you cannot pick all three parts (I tried). The Dragon Screw will be made into a sword, the Dragon Scales will be made into an armor that nullifies Fire, Bolt, and Wind and the Dragon Circuits will make a ring that revives you once if you die. The armor is really good for the final boss. Bring the parts back to Tanaka to claim your item.

57. A measure of forever. Talk to Barong in the 1F of Horologium. You need to use the stairs in 1B to get to the spot where Barong is on the 1F. In 1B work your way to the west, you'll have to go through lots of dark rooms and you'll reach a staircase going back up to the first floor. Talk to Barong and he'll give you a mirror. You can encounter Rangda on B4. Just take the elevator south of you. Talk to her and she'll give you her claws. Bring them back to Barong. You get a Great Chakra as your reward.

58. Evil's lingering shadow. - Law exclusive
Go to Grus and use Phase Shift A to get into the angel's residence. Now go to the room where you talked to Mastema. An archangel will be here and he'll mark a place on your map. Now go to Horologium and go to that place that is marked on B6. Now you have to go to where you fought Maya in Grus on 1F. Defeat Mara and you get the Megiddo Fire and the ability to fuse Seraph as your reward.

59. Request for Mara? - Chaos exclusive
Talk to Grendel in Phase Shift B in Grus and then you'll have to go to Horologium B6 to fight Seraph. I'm guessing the prize is a Chaos exclusive gun? I can't do this quest because I'm not Chaos aligned. I'm sure Grendel's instructions are straight forward, so just talk to him.

The Japanese wiki says Ex Missions 60-62 are "hidden missions". It also says "lap 2", so maybe they are only accessible in New Game +? Ex Mission 60 requires you to activate the mysterious device in Antila 1F. I have no idea how to do that.

We still need the locations for the smithing materials for Ex Mission 46: Forge, Forge, Forge 3.


-In Ex Mission 48: The Wise Man's Library 5, in addition to the the final password fragment, Toth also gives you the Divine Sword which is the strongest Neutral exclusive equip. He gives this to you regardless of your alignment.

-In Ex Mission 21: Black Box Retrieval 2, the Copernicus sub app is your reward and it guarantees a fusion accident so you can get the Zealot demons a lot easier.

-In Ex Mission 53: The ever steeper trial 4, Bishamonten would not let me fight him because I wasn't Chaos aligned.

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