Completed Insane mode? Mind helping me out?

#1Kunio_007Posted 5/6/2012 4:12:57 PM
I have gotten very far with the Orange Knight throughout this game, and I'm almost done with Insane mode... but I can't seem to find a single way to defeat the Necromancer, I feel like it's just impossible in one player. So if you can help me out with this guy (and or defeat the final boss with me) I would highly appreciate it.

Requirements: Must have beaten Castle Crashers (PS3) on Insane mode (any character besides the Orange Knight)
Time: You make a time, I'm the one asking for help.

PSN: Kunio-Fox
Add me or send me a message if you're willing to help me out here, thank you.
#2Kunio_007(Topic Creator)Posted 5/20/2012 8:03:01 AM
Nevermind, I got this.