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3 years ago#1
So only the reserve FP and ragnafacts levels pass over, right??
how about the ragnafacts levels of the weapons u get in the 7th phase (the arp,the scythe, the gun,etc) does the levels of those ragnafacts also pass over??
The Worst Of All Evils Is Hope, Cuz It Prolongs The Torment Of Man
3 years ago#2
Yes! Of course! But as far as I know,after beating levant's and Cecilia's tale in the New game+(The Hard mode should now be available)the item's you got in the previous data will be passed on too as well.(P.S....don't try getting the neutral ending in hard mode, you'll end up facing Force Necrious<Faust> you'll be regretting the moment you've faced him in hard mode :P)
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3 years ago#3
So i can upgrade all the extra ragnafacts that i got from the tower of judgement, thats nice, since im about to finish levant story and im grinding to get a decent level all the ragnafacts

i heard that is insane defeating him with 144000 HP, but it could be nice to play in hard
The Worst Of All Evils Is Hope, Cuz It Prolongs The Torment Of Man

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