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5 years ago#1
New Plants

Pineapple-Being slang for "grenade," this would be a new single-use plant. It explodes and releases a burst of acidic juice that melts any in-range zombies into goofy-looking puddles. Useful against fire-resistant zombies.

Shrinking Violet-Sprinkles pollen that causes zombies to shrink, therefore moving more slowly and doing less damage.

Sundew-When a zombie runs into it, it gradually dissolves it into extra sun.

Capital Pea-A giant-sized Peashooter. Slow to fire, but its shots also knock back any zombies that they hit.

Dragon Fruit-Star Fruit upgrade. Breathes a jet of fire about as far as a Fume-shroom's spores.

SPUD Missile-Potato Mine upgrade. When mature, it resembles a nose cone poking out of a missile silo. When a zombie steps on it, it launches, carrying the zombie off the screen before slamming back down, blowing up and dealing splash damage to adjacent squares.

Cranium Cotton-The head of this cotton variant resembles a juicy, delectable human brain. A zombie that eats this plant will just leave with the brain part, and a group of them may even fight over it.

Shower Flower-Keeps a 3x3 area of the garden hydrated. More on this in a later section.

Dandelion-Its roar causes weaker zombies to retreat, but its cost is high.

New Zombies

Welding Torch Zombie-Burns the plant in the space in front of it. A Blover or a water drop puts out the fire, and a Magnet-shroom works too.

Hazmat Zombie-Its suit makes it immune to gas and spore attacks until you knock off its hood.

Old Blind Zombie-Waving its cane, it weaves back and forth between lanes as it advances.

Fireman Zombie-Has a helmet, and is resistant to heat. The Pineapple was designed for this one.

Zombses the Great-Dressed in ancient Egyptian garb, the area surrounding it dries up faster. More below.

New Location

Desert Garden-Sun is produced at a faster rate here, but your plants need water every so often. If you see one sweating profusely with a pained look on its face, water it FAST before it dries out! A dry patch of garden can't be planted on until you water it, unless you use a Cactus or the like.

Watering can be done by trading 50 Sun for a water drop, planting a Shower Flower, or a similar action.

What do you think? Does anyone else have any ideas for new stuff?
5 years ago#2
How about a campaign/adventure mode where you play as the Zombies?


Zombie Dogs: Fast, but can't resist Cranium Cotton.
Zombie Dogwatcher: Leads zombie dogs away from C.C.

I may think of more...
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5 years ago#3
Got more stuff!

New Plants

Zap Pea-Rounds out the Elemental Pea (q-r-s, t-u-v) line. Zombies shocked by a Zap Pea's shots will damage any zombies that touch them. Use on the same row as a Snow Pea for added effectiveness, or shoot through a Torchwood for electrified Fire Peas.

Cone Launcher-This cute little Christmas tree flings pine cones. It can be planted in deep snow (see below.)

Tumbleweed-Vulnerable as it matures, it will roll towards the right side of the screen, picking off zombies as it goes (although pieces break off, making for a finite number of hits.) This plant can survive drying out, or be planted on a dry space.

Moonflower-Temporarily turns day into night.

New Zombies

Snowshoe Zombie-Can shamble right over deep snow and any plants buried therein.

Toboggan Zombie-The sled acts as a shield at first, then the zombie picks up speed and goes prone, dodging some shots and traveling for about two squares. Neat little bobble hat, though.

Snowplow Zombie-A new vehicle that attempts to bury your plants in snowdrifts.

Stonemason Zombie-After losing half of its HP, it attempts to place a gravestone in the nearest empty square.

New Location

Winter Garden-Aside from the Christmasy motif, there are some tricky parts. Deep snowdrifts can bury your plants, leaving them dormant until you either remove the excess snow or use a seed that thrives in it. Also, this is a nighttime stage, and the fog is back!
5 years ago#4
The Capital Pea is actually an upgrade requiring two Peashooters, one on top of the other. Its shots cover two lanes, but both lanes need a Torchwood to set them on fire.

New Plants

Chompzilla-Another late-game upgrade, this one needs to be planted on FOUR Chompers, arranged in a square! Still potentially worth it, though, as its tendrils can reach straight ahead, up or down, covering a 4x3 area, and it'll keep stuffing zombies and even vehicles into its toothy maw until it bursts.

Barrel Cactus-A support plant for desert levels. Can be planted in dry ground. Produces water drops at a similar rate as a Sunflower.

Drill Pickle-Tunnels into the ground, popping up to blast the zombies in the back columns. Also destroy submerged Scuba or Miner Zombies on contact.

Doll-Nut-Upgrade your Tall-nuts with this. Like a Russian doll, this defender has two smaller nuts inside.

Rescue Grass-Restores one square that was damaged by a Doom-shroom or a zombie attack.

New Modes

Shroomsday-A conveyor-belt style minigame. Strategically place Doom-shrooms to survive the wave, because Rescue Grass is few and far between!

Role-Planting Game-Takes PvZ and makes it turn-based! First you make a move, then the zombies, and so on until one side wins.
5 years ago#5
Hello? Is anybody there?

New Location

Houseboat-This level is set entirely on water, so a slew of new aquatic plants and zombies are introduced. Night stage.

New Plants

Float-nut-Resembling a freshly-picked coconut, this is essentially a Wall-nut for the water.

Volt-shroom-Imagine dropping a toaster into the bathtub. This one-use plant immobilizes all zombies touching water, and gives them the Shock status.

Seaspike-An aquatic Spikeweed.

Water Chest-nut-This nut looks sorta like a bobbing sea chest, and flings projectiles in an arc.

Honeybush-Tosses beehives. How cool is that?

New Zombies

Zombie Pirate Ship-The aquatic version of the Catapult Zombie. A Seaspike will sink it.

Swimmer Zombie-Like a Busby Berkely number, it summons Synchronized Swimmers in a similar manner to the Dancing Zombie.

Diving Helmet Zombie-An aquatic headgear zombie. Nothing more to say, really.
5 years ago#6
Wow, you put a lot of thought into this didn't you? I really like your ideas, especially the snow/desert/houseboat settings.
Double Cactus- Shoots two consecutive spikes in a row, I imagine it would be an upgrade and could be planted in sand and need less watering.

Big Chomper- Upgrade for the regular chomper, lets it hold 3 zombies in it's mouth at a time.

Firepult- Like the winterpult, except fire.

Mega lillipad- a lillipad that covers a 2x2 square.

Big Balloon- basically a balloon zombie whos balloon can withhstand more than one cactus spike.

I'd also like to see some sort of upgrade system, perhaps you can upgrade your specific plants to have more power/faster shooting.
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5 years ago#7

Red wall/tall nut - planted on wall nuts or tall nuts, makes it explode after being eaten

Cob missile silo - must be planted on two cob cannons, shoots one missile, but it reloads faster, can also shoot two butter bombs (they would be like cherry bombs, but instead of killing zombies it puts butter on they're head), and has gatling corn on both of the rows it's on, which would be like a gatling pea except with con, which would be weaker and would occasionally shoot butter

Jabenaro - like jalapeno but blows up vertically

Zombie trap - planted on chomper, makes it to when the chomper eats a zombie it instantly swallows it, but it still has to digest it, while it's digesting it will chew on the other zombies attacking it (like how the chomper attacks gargantuans)

Bubble - planted on any plant, gives them full CO2 (see below)

Bubble blower - produces bubbles

Roots - heals zombies and holds them down


Cosmic zombie - only appears on the map below, wears an astronaut helmet that works like a bucket, and it drops bubbles when it dies

Zom-bot - mini version of Dr. Zombosses robot, it acts like a gargantuan but it's tougher and doesn't insta-kill the plants it attacks, can also summon rocket zombies

Spitter - like the pea-shooter zombie

Rocket zombie - like jack-in-the-box zombie but moves faster and explodes on the first plant plant it sees, when killed it flies backwards causing a large amount of damage to all zombies behind it


Shuttle - a space ship that is orbiting earth, on this map in daylight (or when the sun is above you) sun is produced at twice the rate, at night (when the moon is above you) sun is produced at the same rate but only in tens rather than in twenty fives, you have to make sure your plants have CO2 or they die, the ground shacks every once in a while due to turbulence, when this happens all plants recieve damage unless they have roots, the map is also much longer than the others, but you can't put plants anywhere you want to
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5 years ago#8
Also, is that the actual title of the sequel or did you come up with that, because it's pretty clever
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5 years ago#9
Yes, I did make that title up.

New Plants

Sargassum-A mat of seaweed that acts like a Lily Pad, but after so much time will spawn a copy of itself into an empty water square (as long as it's touching the square on an edge-no diagonals.)

Strangler Fig-Squeezes zombies until their heads pop off.

New Zombies

Stilt Zombie-Can spawn in either land or water lanes, although breaking the stilts instantly destroys waterbound ones. Immune to Spikeweed and its cousins, as well as Tangle Kelp (since the zombie is already walking on the bottom of the water.)

Zombie Siamese Twins-Two heads means that this zombie chomps plants at double speed until a head is removed.
5 years ago#10
A few ideas:


Sun Vase: Sucks up zombies and digests them, turning them into additional sun. Vulnerable when digesting like Chompers.

Corpse Flower: Like garlic, but covers 2x2 area.

Refigerator: Peas that pass through it become ice peas (alternative to torchwood).

Breath of Mint: completely freezes any zombie in its short breath radius. Slow rate of fire.

Drill Root: Spikes kill any zombies underground that touch it. 2 time use.


TNT Miner Zombie: follow digger zombies underground and place charges on 1 plant and blow up themselves and the target plant.

Crazed Gardener Zombie: runs up and uproots a plant out of the ground, then runs away. Killing it before it runss away gives you back half the sun use to grow the plant.
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