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5 years ago#11
It's also very easy. Beat it in 11 hours.
Final Fantasy Fan15
4 years ago#12
Let us know how long it takes to find the second lion statue!

I clocked over 60hrs before I completed it 100% but I got really engrossed in the drugs trading.

Actually, I'm not sure if I even found all the security cameras, I'll have to check.
Field Maple
4 years ago#13
i beat the game 3 times and 3rd was 100% run - took me 40hrs ;)
now im considering 4th playthrough...
4 years ago#14
Progress made: 84.57%
Time in SP: 53:35:05
Time to complete story: 40:15:17
Security cameras destroyed: 93!

I've still got work to do. Not sure what I'm missing but I'm still enjoying the game. Best GTA since San Andreas!
Field Maple
4 years ago#15
AcerCampestre posted...
Best GTA since San Andreas!

I agree
PSN: CountDruckula
4 years ago#16
I know this is really minor but I am so confused. Playing this game on vita, when doing kenny missions, you get an email about raising 5,000 for a property for him. This apparantly unlocks a mission called carpe dime and also allows you to hi jack lorries. I can not find the missions anywhere, I have over 100,000, I can already hi jack lorries, but I never actually got to do the mission. I have spent over 2 hours trying to find information on this but there is nothing anywhere. It looks like I have done all kenny missions (the last one I did was called recruitment drive).

Please can someone help me, I just font understand why this would happen, can a game just lose a mission? I thought if they had made it for vita maybe they removed the mission for some reason, but why would you still get the email?

Any info on this would be much appreciated.
4 years ago#17
I have just checked and I am actually only half of the way through kennys missions! there are another 6 after carpe dime!!!!! do i have to do all of C and Z missions first or something. wtf. How do i get them!!!!
4 years ago#18
I have about 95%.

And idk about your mission problem. There should be a letter somewhere on the map. Maybe you need more of a certain drug or more money? Never delete your mail. And anything remade for the vita probably isn't very trustworthy yet.
Final Fantasy Fan15
4 years ago#19
I have 99% complete and just need to find the last "freind" and Lion of Foe
PSN: Johnny_Sanchez-
4 years ago#20
Darkrobotisback posted...
I have 99% complete and just need to find the last "friend" and Lion of Foe

Use the FAQs if you are having trouble.
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