Very nice game, and surprisingly challenging

#1RenboyPosted 8/19/2009 5:21:43 AM
Got it on steam, and it's surprisingly challenging, there are a couple of levels that I'm not even sure what I can do to actually win...

At first I thought that it would be something like Katamari, where you start small and touch objects to constantly go bigger, and you can only touch whatever is smaller then you;
However, the propulsion system, where you need to eject parts of you to move, adds a very strategic element to the game, and it can get hectic at times where you race against an AI controlled entity to get larger and eventually consume it...

It's also nice that touching something bigger then you does not always mean instant death, as you are only 'eaten' as much as you touch that other object... very interesting.

Anywho, I'm happy that I bought this - hopefully there will be a way to download more levels - that would make this game awesomer!
#2BullwinkleBPosted 8/20/2009 6:35:52 PM
Yeah I agree, this game is pretty sweet and can be quite challenging. It kinda reminds me of a way more complex version of the cell stage in Spore. It needs to get more attention.
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#3True_PhoenixPosted 8/21/2009 5:46:16 AM
This is an absolutely outstanding game. On the surface it might feel or look similar to flOw, Spore or Katamari but it is so much more physics oriented than those titles. And far more challenging. Also, instead of levels I hope more types of entities are added as more levels amounts to nothing more than Alt+Z (variation of same level).