And so I found Tiberium in China

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User Info: cch8

7 years ago#1
Picking up gave me side effect.

After a day it evolved from a $89 piece of rock to a Large Spire Cut Tiberium worth 30k

I think the Sims world is going to need Tiberium Control Network soon.

Makes me wonder, is there Kane in this game?

User Info: chuamishael

7 years ago#2

LOL, where did you get a Tiberium ?

My sims pick up a Book called "Dragon Origin".

User Info: LevanX

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Yakra88

7 years ago#4
LOL, where did you get a Tiberium ?

Break moon rocks on the martial arts board breaker and you can get them easily.
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User Info: TheDefragmentor

7 years ago#5

I bought three from egypt from the relic merchant. Didn't think of breaking moon rocks. Thanks.

User Info: gyrobot

7 years ago#6
On Tiberium, does it poison you?
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User Info: MrSword1

7 years ago#7
Not sure about it poisening you, but the way it looks Spire cut, it's worth investigating.
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User Info: Ludovico47

7 years ago#8
If I recall, it gives you a moodlet called "Tiberium Poisoning" that subtracts 20 from your mood and causes you to vomit and, I imagine, eventually die. You can just remove it from your inventory, though, and it's all good.

User Info: tasukete83

7 years ago#9
If you put the Spire Cut Tiberium on your lawn it will glow and spawn more tiberium in time.

User Info: raichudl

7 years ago#10
an easter egg. Did Kane show up?
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  3. And so I found Tiberium in China

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