Egypt adventure black bag job?

#1hockey9927Posted 11/22/2009 12:39:55 PM

I can't figure out how to get into the secret base I can see where secret stairs are but i can't activate them. Anyone know how?

#2amanyxPosted 11/23/2009 9:37:32 PM
It has to do with the stereo, which I JUST found out myself (been puzzling over it for some time now >:|). Anyway, it was on the entire time, and then I turned it off, then on again, and then the stairs opened up.

I read, though, that someone said to skip to a certain song (didn't mention the station), or only turn it off. Just posting what worked for me. Hope this helps. :) If nothing else, at least you can experiment a bit with the stereo!
#3hockey9927(Topic Creator)Posted 11/23/2009 9:57:43 PM

Hey, thanks that one had me stumped.