Combining gems, metals and relics!

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7 years ago#1
Not sure how well known this is, just came across it by accident today and it seems that it only came to light on the official forums a while ago so I thought I'd spread the word ^_^. You can actually combine gems, metals and relics to create entirely new items in World Adventures using the Carter brand Display cases.

When you have filled them up, the command "Irreversible Transfiguration" will be available which will combine all the items in the case into one, so for example, if you combine a bunch of random gems, you'll get a giant skull shaped gem or if you combine a bunch of the same metal ingots, you'll get a ginourmas ingot. The official forum post here covers it quite nicely, although there's still a lotta' testing going on so there doesn't seem to be clear cut list available just yet:

Happy transfiguring! ^_^
7 years ago#2

Thats awesome!
Combine 8 cut gems and get a Crystal Skull in return?!?

I NOW have a reason to get the board breaking board out of storage again!
Space for rent
7 years ago#3
Yeah, the board breaker is surprisingly super effective for getting great gems! I've gotten 2 Pink diamonds, 3 Rainbow gems, 1 Tiberium and 2 Soul Peace gems within 2 days among lesser gems ^_^. It should be entirely possible for a Martial Artist to make a living outta' bashing space rocks. I got a Pink Diamond Crystal Skull recently worth 26,000 and a Large Soulpeace Heart at about 20,000.
7 years ago#4

There's just one problem, though...

I mixed 8 Iron Ingots together, and I did get one Large Iron Ingot, but...

The 8 normal-sized ingots came out to a total of 150 Simoleans, but the large-sized ingot is only worth 113 Simoleans! Factor in the 500 Simoleans it costs to transfigure them in the first place, and I've just lost 87 Simoleans. It may not be a lot, but it's still a loss. I don't know if it's different for more expensive ingots or gems, but it seems to me like EA just added a fancy way for us to throw away Simoleans.

If anyone has any information on this, please, I'm all ears.

7 years ago#5

(Sorry for the double-post.)

Did my math wrong. I lost 537 Simoleans.

7 years ago#6
It depends a lot on the combination and luck, usually merging together gems or metals into a single big one doesn't yield much of a profit, especially if they are low tier like iron, but the combination of different gems and metals can get some worthwhile results.

Super Novian for example seems to be the resulting metal if you use a combination of at least 5- 6 different metals in the batch, any less but more than one type and you'll get Compedium usually, both which can be worth a great deal more than the base ingredient (Super Novian is usually 9000+, Compendium is usually 3000+). Getting Pink Diamond Skulls as well as raw Soulpeace gems are also good money makers, but depend a bit on luck. The results of combining mixed gems aren't always the same each time it appears. ^_^.
7 years ago#7

I got plenty of Magic Gnomes using this method

I also got a bunch of fragment for Sarcophagus , divewell and pushable statue.

they're good for photographers at lvl 10. so I don't need to go to tombs. to photograph them.

7 years ago#8

Oh, okay. So the profit comes in from mixing different types of metals together and from mixing gems together? Do you get a Large Super Novium if you mix 8 Super Noviums together? And if so, is it worth more than the base ingredients?

7 years ago#9
I heard that it was possible but haven't done it personally, someone reported it as being worth some 80k - 90k.
7 years ago#10
Some information is there.
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