magic sword from China

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6 years ago#1
I found the magic sword in China to break big rocks....I finished everything in China so I went to Egypt because there are also big stones to be smashed...but when I arrive in Egypt I don't have the magic sword anymore to smash big is that possible? how can I get it back? and break all the big rocks in Egypt? I finished everything in China
6 years ago#2

I also found the sword..but i brought it back to the one that gave me the assignment(iam dutch so i know this is not spelled right but i dont know another word for it)

he gave me the sword back and now i can go to egypt and still have the sword..

so if you did the same i don.t know why you cannot break any rocks in egypt..

good luck...(ps.i think that there are some things that need a i am looking and waiting for the first troubleshooting patch :-) )

6 years ago#3
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6 years ago#4

Its an Axe....

6 years ago#5
I know that it is an AXE!!! but I don't have it with me anymore in Egypt...I found it in China but I cannot remember to who I have to give it to get it back again so I can use it in Egypt as well....

if somebody knows...please help me
6 years ago#6

I am currently stuck on getting the axe. Could somebody please help. remember how you dive through the tunnel, you pop up at the other side and now I can't make it any further because the hot spring is in the way. Can somebody please help? I've been running around in that tumb for hours now looing for some sort of secret switch or anything ; ) Please help
6 years ago#7
Inspect, Disarm or Attempt to Cross it will let you through.

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