sure fire way to get cursed?

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7 years ago#1
So my sim has been to every tomb in egypt and faced every mummy and lost and still have not gotten curse...any suggestions?
7 years ago#2
testingcheatsenabled true> buy debug> build a bunch of coffins in your house> shift+left click the coffins> set activated effect> summon mummy on all coffins
7 years ago#3

Cant you sleep in a sacophicus? I read that turns you into a mummy if you do it a few times.

7 years ago#4
If you sleep in the Cursed sarcophagus a few times (quite a dew) you will be cursed. That's what I did, but it didn't work when I went back to finish the Get Scorched, Soaked and Cursed adventure. I can't find the Cursed sarcophagus in Al Simhara and I can't build one there. I'm stuck...
7 years ago#5
"(quite a few)" not dew
7 years ago#6
i dont understand how to get a cursed sar. i have 3 different kinds of sars the plain one the grey one that has the guy on the front and the gold but the gold ones are blessed sars
7 years ago#7
There are 2 type of Sarcophagus in BuyDebug. The first one is blessed and the one next to it is cursed.

FYI, the plural form of Sarcophagus is Sarcophagi. But the spelling of its single form is difficult enough for some people, so I avoid using it to avoid confusing people avoiding difficult words used to avoid some words the developers avoid using. I think I've been cursed.
7 years ago#8
Is there a Cursed sarcophagus in Egypt anywhere? Or is there a way to bring one in your inventory?
7 years ago#9
All my characters are either good fighters or extremely lucky. They never get cursed. I can't do this quest, but it does not worry me as this is not one of the major Egypt quests. There are 2-3 big ones that have to do with MorcuCorp and involve a series of Tomb locations. The problem I encountered was it ended between the miniquests - I did not get the trigger for the next quest stage.
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