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7 years ago#1
Does anyone know how to fix this? The readme says it is a world save file problem. I only have about 14 mods in the mods folder, so don't tell me it is because of my mods. I can only save once per gaming session in Sunset Valley. Subsequent saves will result in Error code 12. Saving in one of the three locations is ok. My save folders are huge, about 240 Mb for each save. I have been playing this household for many realtime weeks and have completed most of world adventures. My sims have a mansion in sunset valley, three vacation homes, and maxed out their lifetime wants, careers and most of their skills. Error Code 12 means t hat it is harder for me to play my game in sunset valley. I hope to finish what I plan to do with this family and then start over, maybe do a reinstall and not put in world adventures. It would be good to be able to figure out this error though.
7 years ago#2
Have you tried doing 'save as' and changing the save name? Not sure if it will work but is worth a try.
7 years ago#3
thats error code 16, error code 12 is caused by too many sims or objects in one lot most likely the park just save the park to library delete it place it back from library then save the game should fix it
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7 years ago#4
Thanks for the tip. I will consider downgrading my sims' property, move to a less furnished house and hope that it will be more stable.
7 years ago#5
I don't think it is the park. It is likely my home lot, as it is heavily furnished, and has numerous small items as well as inventory items - in chests, in fridges, in personal inventory and in household inventory. I will try to sell away some of these things, unclutter the house, and hopefully the game will not give me more error code 12 problems.
7 years ago#6
yeah ive gotten it twice once when every sim in townw as in the park and once when nectar making when i bought 100 of each limes apples grapes and watermelons
"Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day, set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." ~Terry Prachett
7 years ago#7
Not just fruits and vegetables! The game introduces many small items such as photographs, dive well, pushable statue and sarcophagus pieces, collection set items like tomb statues, new gems, metals, fruits, nectar bottles, fish, butterfles and beetles. Add paintings, nectar bottles and books generated by your sims, and your household could have a staggering amount of inventory items that could possibly bloat up your save file and save folders. (Each time you save, the game creates a new save folder that includes world save files for each home location. Each of my latest save folders is around 270Mb in size!!) Don't forget, you could accumulate these small inventory items in all 3 new locations as well as sunset valley (or riverview, whichever home town you are using).
7 years ago#8
I also believe the save files get bigger as the game try to remember every single change you make in your town, the houses you edited, the community lots you placed, the sims you moved, plus the skill records and history in all the sims that you change and kick out from your household.
7 years ago#9
I have this problem suddenly.

I have the latest patch and the expansion. I tried deleting and backing up the save folder. Still doesn't work. Is it because I have 64-bit Vista? Does EA ever fix their problems?

Any help is appreciated.
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7 years ago#10
There is a post on the World Adventures subforum on the official forum that says EA is aware of this problem and is looking into it. The following is another post that discusses the problem to some detail.

Apparently, this error code 12 problem can pop up at any time.

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