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6 years ago#1

I'm playing 2 families and the second family has went to France on vacation. I have went through the tombs once, and now going through them again for the second family. The problem is I'm at one house and the sim who lives there seems to be stuck in the tomb under the house! I have rang the doorbell and I can hear a sim complaining, but she never comes. I think she lives alone, or with a child, but the toddler can't open the door. How do I get her to reset since she is under the house and I can't access the inside without being welcomed in?

And I hate the fact that you can't reset the tombs and play them again with another sim...seems weird.

Thanks for your help!

6 years ago#2
i've never tried this with an NPC, but if you know the sim's name, bring up the cheat box and put "resetSim *her name here*" without stars&quotes
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6 years ago#3
if you can control the second family, more specifically the sim trapped, use testingcheatsenabled true, then shift+click somewhere and click teleport, that way you dont end up far away from where you need to be
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6 years ago#4

I did try to reset the sim, but I wasn't sure if the names should be without space or with, caps or not... I did it with caps and a space between first and last name...but didn't work. It would just be easier if EA would have the tombs reset if you have a new family traveling.

Thanks for your help!

I dont' have control of the sim, so I can't teleport her anywhere. Thanks for the idea though!

6 years ago#5
sorry it didnt really help. i can try to find a way during gameplay, but it may be awhile before i can visit another tomb.....
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6 years ago#6
reset Sim does work with NPCs, and the way you type it is reset Sim firstname lastname, with the name exactly as it appears in the game.

For example, I recently had a problem where my next ranked sim opponent, Holly Alto, never turned up whenever I invited her over for a game. I eventually went to her house, and discovered she had become stuck on her porch, constantly giving off 'path blocked' and low needs complaints. I brought up the console, typed

resetSim Holly Alto

and she teleported into the house and started moving normally again.
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6 years ago#7

Thanks Fey! I can't remember exactly how I typed it, but basically I remember separating the first and last name, but not sure if I typed any capital letters. I will try it as you say. There were so many multiple ways of doing it, I didn't want to keep trying. Thanks so much!!!

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