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6 years ago#1
I don't know how I did it, but i used testingcheatsenabled true, then went to buy mode, and there was a button that said Clone with a target next to it. 1. how did i do this? 2. is it useful? 3. how will it affect my computer/game?
Serlena in Tokyo, FC: 2665-1214-0928
6 years ago#2
I figured it out! yaaaay! well turns out, and i dont know what causes this to occur, or if any specific cheat activates the availability of this one, such as testinghcheatsenabled and how it causes familyfunds to be usable, but if you go from normal to buy mode and an object fast enough, the clone button pops up. i tried it, and from what i saw nothing happened, but i didnt run any thorough checks. Thanks!
Serlena in Tokyo, FC: 2665-1214-0928
6 years ago#3

Is iy possible you accidently clicked on the eye dropper which clones things so you don't have to go through the catalog?

6 years ago#4
no, in fact, you clone it for free! well, some items. gems, bugs, any rare, cant buy items cant be cloned, but it doesnt just clone. if you start from the regular game and go to buy mode, without pressing anything, and click on a case with a glass cover, there are options not available in game! like reserving it, connecting the case to other objects, making it impossible for npcs to use it, etc... its really cool! i think you need testingcheatsenabled true, though...
either way, try it out!
Serlena in Tokyo, FC: 2665-1214-0928
6 years ago#5
just shift click in buy mode gets clone
6 years ago#6
I tried that, but it didnt work. Plus, it allows connecting between items somehow, as well as some sort of TNS network. Again, any ideas what this is? lol
Serlena in Tokyo, FC: 2665-1214-0928
6 years ago#7
any ideas at all? im really lost here... i dont know if i should mess with it more or not. OH and it has a connection to buydebug, which allows you to make your own tomb thing... yeah.
Serlena in Tokyo, FC: 2665-1214-0928

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