Using canopic jars on sarcophagus

#1Crazy AJPosted 3/27/2010 3:22:21 PM
I read the inscription on a canopic jar that I got and it said that if you have 5 and use them on a sarcophagus you will have a new family member. Sounds fun! Has anyone done this yet? What's the new member, a mummy? Also, there's no option to use the one that I have now on my sarcophagus so I'm guess you have to have all 5 in your posession before you can use them?
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#2Beowulf78Posted 3/28/2010 9:12:19 AM
Yep it's a mummy, you need a complete collection of the 5 jars in your inventory and you then have the option when you click on a sarcophagus.. I don't know if the ones in egypt work as I used a sarcophagus I rebuilt back at home.

The mummy has an unlimited energy and bladder bar, though moves incredibly slow and can never jog or run.. Just shuffles along slowly. I guess they're given a random name, gender and traits etc. My mummy is a man called Calvinotep Larimoropolese or just Calvin for short. He's become my permanent house gardener/cleaner. Sims that see him often scream and run away at first. He has a few unique conversation topics but is otherwise much like any other sim.
#3Crazy AJ(Topic Creator)Posted 3/28/2010 10:20:40 AM
Cool! Thanks for the info :) yeah I have 3 sarcophaguses at home. I'll try to collect the other jars. Cleaner/gardener actually sounds like a good idea.
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