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Downloaded the demo when it came out... and just now tried it (Archived)SonnyBone14/26/2012
Challenge mode Battle #5: Gargadan (Archived)Apocalypsah111/14/2010
Help with 10th opponent (Archived)readerrw0728/22/2010
challenge mode sea witch (Archived)LuigiD26/4/2010
Detailed analysis of skills, damage, energy bar, etc. (Archived)Zauron45/31/2010
Overhead Swing & Uppercut with Sideways Controls? (Archived)Freezing_Alone35/25/2010
Ways this game is NOT like Punch-Out (in mechanics) (Archived)Zauron25/25/2010
Requesting videos of all fights (Archived)Shin_Gouki_200075/1/2010
Random questions in case someone knows and feels like answering. (Archived)AnotherGamer64/24/2010
On the last boss in Challenge mode *spoilers* (Archived)SETUP DISK34/19/2010
Counterattacks viable in challenge? (Archived)Hotbedbrie14/16/2010
I Need some help on Lord Vensor in challenge mode. (Archived)STN7944/14/2010
Skill points (Archived)ultimator04514/12/2010
From great to "eugh" (Archived)RollingSkull54/3/2010
No reviews on the site yet. What's this game like? (Archived)Ritalinfiend44/1/2010
How do you dodge master Yee's stick attacks? (Archived)STN7934/1/2010
how do you dodge Lord vensor's electric rage? (Archived)STN7924/1/2010
Wii Motion + users, are you guys having problems swinging to the left? (Archived)s0ySauced13/27/2010
Any tip for the final final boss? (Archived)EvilTedizLouis73/25/2010
How do you dodge/counter "Eternal Darkness" from the eye creature (Archived)Meltendo23/25/2010
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