error code 20000006??

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5 years ago#1
ok,so im trying to play online with my psp,but i cant get onto psn w/o the error code popping up :/
i googled it and it ssays i need to update it,but my psp says its vers. 9.90 and theres no need to update it
it isnt a new psp,i bought it from a friend used so i have no idea if he had the same problem
any help is appreciated
5 years ago#2
bumb :/
5 years ago#3
It's probably hacked...The current version is 6.30...
The 9.90 is a version faker that dupes networks into forcing an update...
5 years ago#4
Your PSP has custom firmware on it. There's a plugin that will solve your problem, but that can't be discussed here, and it doesn't sound like you're familiar with the process. Your other option is to go back to official firmware. Both options will require a USB cable for your PSP as well as some additional fiddling on your part.
5 years ago#5
well i have a usb cable,and yes,im not familiar with up to date technology >.<
can anyone link me something to fix it? id greatly appreciate it
5 years ago#6
Here's an e-mail I got, maybe it might help. It worked for me way back whenever.

1.-Format Memory Stick Duo™ in the PSP(R) portable entertainment system.
2.-Connect PSP(R) portable entertainment system to PC via USB mini cable.
3.-Put PSP(R) portable entertainment system in USB mode.
4.-Go to our website, where you went to download the update. Hit "Download Now", under download procedures and select "Save".
5.-Open "Folder Browsers", and go to "My Computer". Open Removable Disck.
6.-Select PSP folder, then Game folder, follow by UPDATE folder. If folder not available, you will need to create that folder and name it UPDATE all in caps.
7.-Once you have open the UPDATE folder and make sure the filename is "EBOOT.PBP", then save it.
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5 years ago#7
ahhhh,i see :)
danke :)
5 years ago#8
:/ it didnt work....
thanks anyway,il just ask one of my friends,i think he knows how to get it fixed
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