8/28 Translation of the official site

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Human: The origin of the various races that live in the Gural System. Balanced overal, they are able to be any type.

Newman: Created to be the dominant species on planet Neudaiz. With strong magical and mental powers, they excel at casting techniques.

Cast: Artificial life forms living mainly on planet Parum. Their high accuracy from finenesses of their operations is extraordinary. They are especially good at handling guns.

Beast: A race genetically manipulated to survive the harsh environments of the planet Moatoob. They have great physical prowess and enjoy melee fighting.


|-- Many new fields! --|
In Phantasy Star Portable 2, there will be many new fields that have never been in any other PSU games! Now, we'll introduce a field called Undersea Relics, which the players first visit in story mode.

|-- New Monsters! --|
Looking at the pictures, along with some enemies from Phantasy Star Portable, there are completely new enemies! There's even the Evil Shark from Phantasy Star Online!

|-- Your favorite old fields and new fields alike! --|
Phantasy Star Portable 2 isn't just new areas, but some of your favorites from Phantasy Star Portable too. Some fields that were in Ambitions of the Illuminus but not in Phantasy Star Portable will be included as well. However it has been revealed that monsters new in Phantasy Star Portable 2 will spawn in these existing maps!

For example, the length and monster AI of everyones favorite Plains Overlord have been tweaked, and monsters that didn't appear there before like the Gol Dolva have been added. If you think it's the same old mission, you might be in for a taste of some bitter medicine!


In Phantasy Star Portable 2, the basic system is based on Phantasy Star Universe, but the battle system has been redone from the roots! Greatly evolved battle system makes battles more active and more interesting! Let's introduce a few improvements that have been made.

|-- Dodge Rolling! --|
The well-liked dodging system that was present in Phantasy Star Zero is present in Phantasy Star Portable 2 now! By expending PP to dodge roll, you can cancel the opening after your attack to quickly dodge enemy attacks!

|-- Defend against attacks with a shield! --|
An optional defensive shield has been added as a new class of weapon! The shield is a left hand weapon so you can equip it with sabers or other right hand weapons but you can't use it to attack. If you push the right shoulder button, you can expend PP to greatly reduce the damage you take. By guarding at the very last moment, you perform a "Just Guard" and both the PP expended and damage taken is reduced to zero. You can equip this optional defense with all two handed weapons except the rod as well.

|-- Photon points are character based! --|
Previously, PP was based on weapons in the PSU series but in Phantasy Star Portable 2, PP are now based on characters due to a basic redesign of the system. Photon charges have been removed so if you run out of PP, you can either wait for them to regenerate naturally or attack something physically to replenish them. So if you blast away with photon arts like in previous games, you'll run out of PP right away, so the strategy has largely changed to how you mix normal attacks in with photon arts.

|-- Ranged weapons have evolved too! --|
A large change has been added to ranged weapons too. By holding the triangle button, you can expend PP to execute a charge shot! Mixing in the regular attack on the square button is the key to winning battles! The character animation will change when you use a charged shot.
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Here's a full translation of the 8/28 official website update. Whoops, left out some bolding and formatting stuff I wanted to do. Forgive the few parts that sound odd, I wasn't able to render everything my brain was feeding me in to English very well...
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Is this accurate? shields can be equipped with most two-handed weapons too? I thought they were left handed weapons, how do you equip them with a spear? there is no room in the palette is they are weapon type items (but you can't attack with them...)

Wow and no rechargers... this will be a huge change from PSU.
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Good call, I messed that part up. Doh.

It should read "You can guard with all two-handed weapons other than rods as well."
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About shielding...

Do you think now they'll take away that auto-guard characters have? You know, like how if you're a high level and go to a low level stage, nothing ever hits you etc.
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About shielding...

Do you think now they'll take away that auto-guard characters have? You know, like how if you're a high level and go to a low level stage, nothing ever hits you etc.

I guess so. Now you can do it on your own .=D
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