Miscellaneous things after some 9 hours into the game...

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7 years ago#1
Yes I have with me (somehow) the official complete Japanese version, purchased at least 2 days before the official Japanese release date... and I'm not even living in Japan...

Anyways. A few things observed and some personal (hence possibly subjective) comments on the game from what I've seen so far:

1. Costume: This was what effectively sucked me into the first one, so basically it still is a feature I've been looking out for since preliminary news of this game's development. The default outfits/parts have been changed from the first, but they look so good (imo) that I barely changed anything and simply used the preset combinations... all I did was change the pupil color. Costumes, hairstyles and etc from PSO and PSU can still be purchased from the Style shop, at a price (currently beyond my budget orz).

2. Import: Bringing your character from the demo or the first PS:P into this game can be done, but in the case of the latter, unless the outfit/hairstyle/facial scheme/etc you were using are part of the default selections in the character creation of THIS game, it will NOT be ported over; in other words, most everything purchased in-game from the Style shop in PS:P will be removed (and in most cases replaced by the first default of this game), and in my case, only the character name and body proportions were successfully ported... (so if you're an outfit mania like myself just start a new character >_>)

3. Combat: Sort of like the first, yet sort of not. There has been implemented the "dodge" and "block" feature, of which the former allows the character to jump-roll out of harm with a few moments of invulnerability (during the jump-rolling sequence), whereas the latter allows the character to block attacks he or she is facing ( seems to have no effect on things coming from behind...). Enemies are harder to knock down with PAs this time. PP self-regenerates, but there doesn't seem to be any items directly replenishing PP. All in all, the aforesaid combination sort of killed the possibility of PA spamming, and forces players to rely more strategically on dodging/blocking... which sort of made me miss the manic beatdown in the first. Ah well...

4. Most, if not all of the free mission stages from PS:P would become available as the game progresses. I've already found the forest/dragon (dunno the proper English name, sorry) and one of the relics on my free mission list.

5. Just speculating, but perhaps ALL shopping/customizing will be done on Clad 6, as I don't seem to see any chance of the character going into the city of each planet any time soon... a shame, personally, since I still liked the individual atmosphere and BGM of each planet, full-3D or not. I hope the one single fully 3D lobby would prove its worth in due time =''=

(cont. in next post... sorry about that orz)
7 years ago#2
6. Yet another speculation... but I was doing a free mission run in the undersea relic (the very first dungeon in the game.... should have appeared in the demo as well), and after, note AFTER, I had completed the mission as signified by the evaluation screen showing my performance (an S btw... not that I'm bragging, but that it might have sth to do with what I'm about to relate), I went out of the final gate which SHOULD have transported me back to Clad 6, but instead there was this freaky runic teleportation symbol on the ground, and after I (accidentally) stepped into it, I was transported into some weird dimension to battle some weird extra Seed-like boss (body parts glowing azure light, dark element, etc) with BGM STRAIGHT FROM PSO WHEN YOU WERE FIGHTING THE DRAGON. Even though I died, I was still touched by the nostalgic touch... and it seemed purely a bonus boss, as no penalties were suffered for dying there. Whether or not this was a one-time encounter, and whether it was dependent on the fulfillment of certain requirements or purely random chance, I DO NOT KNOW. But it was cool, and sort of kept me coming back for more, hoping to run into similar encounters again.... and there goes another hour.... curses Seeegaaaa~

7. The opening theme doesn't grow old XDDDDDD

8. Read some other topic regarding in-game language... it's almost completely in japanese, with the exception of abbreviations in English letters. But fear not! Roughly 50% of most "relevant" data is written in Katakana, which baaasically means it's English written in Japanese pronunciation symbols..... sooo IMO the smart thing to do if you're aiming to read the menu would be to pick up KATAkana first; once you're able to pronounce those characters consecutively enough you'll be able to recognize English vocabs lurking behind those symbols.

That's about it. I'd really appreciate it if anyone happens to know and share how to enter that weird dimension mentioned in point 6.

Strictly speaking it's not SUPPOSED to be out it yet, so I don't think the online feature is fully operational yet... plus I don't have any hotspots nearby, so I wouldn't know @_@;

Oh... is the game worth it, you ask?
7 years ago#3
An extra boss fight you say? Was it in Multi Mode or Story Mode when you came across this? *Is very interested in fighting the creature*
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7 years ago#4
If you had been paying attention to some of the information being posted, you'd have known there would be rare bosses.
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7 years ago#5
Can't be expected to know everything now can I? =p (Is everyone on Gfaqs usually moody -_-;)
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7 years ago#6
^ I guess they are, from time to time =3=;

And yes, the encounter took place in single player story mode.
7 years ago#7
Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I should be getting my copy within the week (It's already shipped and it's UPS). I'm just leveling up my job class on the demo since that's all I can do. When I do get it we should try to link up online. ;)
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7 years ago#8
You are using GEN-D3 and got the ISO already, no need to lie.
7 years ago#9
Play-Asia shipped copies of PSP2 early so I doubt he's lying about it. Same thing happened to me. People sure are negative. Like they have nothing better to do. ;>_>
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7 years ago#10
Sigh... I had custom hair cut, from style shop and tuxedo from ps:p will it get imported?
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