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6 years ago#1
Hey folks. With this title coming up very soon, thought I'd sort of represent the data that we know from the entire Japanese release... there's a chance the game may face some rebalancing, but for the most part (and if the past is any indication) it will remain much the same.

With that said, here's a mini guide to help you pick out your play style. Hope this helps!
(Note, Vanguard is the replacement for braver)

Important points before starting:
1. Tech use is very weak in this game... Forces have high level buffs/debuffs which will always make them useful, but techs are difficult to utilize offensively. PP is harsh... and all tech users will have to resort to some non teching to restore PP at different points. In general forces are considered the worst class in this game as defensive stats are MUCH more important compared to PSP1 and teching offensively isn't as high in damage as melee or guns. Despite being awful, they're still needed for a team to reach full potential.

2. Enemies can only be resistant to ONE type of damage, and so the wise player will focus on only two different combat styles.

3. Everyone can do everything. For real, especially with class skills. Still this guide is about basically placing your play style and picking the race that's most effective for you.

4. While genders are roughly statistically equal, if you want to rely on guns or techs heavily the PP increase is a life saver for female characters.

5. Hunters and Forces DRASTICALLY influence your characters stats, whereas Rangers and Vanguards are much more balanced. Also the later two have very high evasion which can become almost godly later on, and can use ex traps which are super cheap/useful to make up for not being as "focused".

***This guide does not include the "God Vanguard" set up***

And here we go:


HUMANS are balanced in all areas except defensive stats where they are the best. For that reason they are not bad at any thing but run the risk of being mediocre in non-extreme class types rangers and vanguards.

As Hunter: Good choice. High defense is needed for this class, good stable ATP helps tremendously also. Not so great with guns, but stick a rifle on em for melee resistant enemies. Mirage is TP based, so only bother using the dark mirage (which boosts attack speed). 4/5

As Force: Nice. Forces die a lot in this game, so the human defenses really help. Their TP is really on tier with newmans which is great (honestly you may not notice that big of a difference between newman and human tech damage) You'll melee mostly just to restore PP, not being able to really dish out decent damage. Possibly the best choice for the worst class. 5/5

As Rangers: Sorry RAmar lovers, human males are considerably worse than their female counterpart here. Even females will leave much to be desired. ATA is not the human strong suit... PP is just okay. Defenses aren't as super useful here with ranged weapons. Females here will use more draining PP weapons/bullet types than casts, but will be doing much less damage with guns. When you switch to melee to gain PP back... you will be doing okayish damage, so that's not too bad. 2/5 (for males), 3/5 (for females)

As Vanguards: Ironically not as good as you'd think. Remember it's only useful to use two types of combat styles. Techs are pointless here, so it's gunning and melee. Cast rangers are similar but much better. Defenses are nice here but for the most part this becomes incredibly generic. If you only want one character, this may be good to let you toy around with all play styles which are done okayish. Late game the evasion here is freaky high (as is with all races), so it's one bonus for otherwise mediocrity. 3/5
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6 years ago#2
NEWMANS are a difficult race due to being the least balanced stat wise for all the key stats. Still when used correctly they have interesting potential. Having the highest PP in the game, they have quite a bit of freedom. They are also tied with beasts for having highest evasion, meaning many classes they can become almost invincible to make up for very frail bodies. Probably the worst race, but good for vets.

As Hunters: Ladies and gentlemen, meet the worst typing in the game. The hunter class reduces TP stat so much that even newman's strong TP is useless. This class also has a penalty on evasion and MST, taking away the only defensive stats this race has. Hunters barely need PP later on, so that's pointless sadly. ATA as hunter class is very low and so guns are usable here but mainly for females (Which means even less ATP, HP, DEF etc). Having a light mirage blast instead of dark makes mirage blasts really pointless here. Basically newmans offer this class nothing at all. The hunter class is so easy to use though, that's overlooked a tiny bit...because they can't keep up with other hunters I give it 1/5

As Forces: Teching alone is so difficult/cumbersome/weak in this game... the most useful techs as a force aren't even TP dependent. Yeah they can do good damage with techs, after building up insane combos.....but often either dying or running out of PP before finishing them. Give the weakest race the class with the lowest defense and you're in for a lot of pain. By far the most complained about class/race combo due to people expecting it to be better. Humans are a better choice. 3/5

As Rangers: Ignore males here entirely here IMO. Female newmans are great though. Third highest ATA in the game means the damage will be on par with casts at least. Unlike casts though is an INSANE amount of PP and pretty fast PP regeneration. 250 PP compared to the cast 170ish is great. Newmans may actually out damage casts with guns due to being able to rely on more damaging bullets that cost more PP. They make great rangers, but sitting ducks when PP is out. If you like weapons like grenades and lasers here's the way to go. Ranger class has decent TP, so the secondary damage method here is surprisingly techs. (Card+wand combo= very good) again watch the PP (slicers help). Ranger evasion is good, so there's a bit more ability to survive. A strategy requiring combo but fun. Because casts struggle to maintain pure ranger style play, I give 5/5 for female newmans and 3/5 for males.

As Vanguards: Because techs are so bad, it takes the newman's obscene TP to make teching an okay option as a non-force. In that, here you have the only instance in the game where all three combat styles are roughly equally useful for you. The evasion here gets freakishly high later on...surviving is a bit difficult until then. But with traps, techs, guns and melee all at your disposal you have options. This is a very tricky combination, but the ability to fall back on melee a bit more than newman rangers makes this a bit easier than the above typing (but easier does not mean more effective). Human vanguards may be better, but this maximizes the class 4/5
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6 years ago#3
CASTS are probably the best race in the game, mainly because they spend the least amount of points on TP, and have the highest universal defensive stat HP as well as being balanced in all areas that aren't tech related. They bring the ability to use guns to every single class as well as basic melee, which says something. Unfortunately their PP is so low, male casts are considerably less effective than females in every situation other than hunter. Yeah females only have 10 more PP, but when you're bellow 200 every bit counts. Plus having the lowest MST in the game, again every bit counts. PP regeneration is fast, so the PP+ abilities are extra useful.

As Hunters: Freakishly good. In fact, not even fair. Highest HP in the game and high defenses makes them instantly tanks. Incredibly powerful and able to use guns braver quality. Their accuracy enables them to use risky melee weapons with ease. This is the best class for the whip+R mag combo... in general beast hunters may do more damage in most situations, but melee resistant enemies balance that out. Likewise the options here are really great for weapons as you won't be missing much...variety is way more fun 5/5

As Forces: Surprisingly not as bad as you'd think. Okay hear me out. Playing support does NOT require high TP at all. It does require staying alive though, which casts are able to do with their decent stats as well as basic gun abilities. (You will probably want to focus on accuracy bullets here...) They can melee, and use some basic offensive techs. It's really not that bad, honestly. This is probably a more social class over an aggressive one in general and can be fun and useful if not a little impractical. 2/5

As Rangers: Great, but not as good as you'd think. Heavy PP dependence means constantly trying to compensate. Fortunately they can melee fine... you really play as a constant blend of these two combat styles here early on. Later in the game there's methods that balance out the PP issues to make them play more like a PURE ranger, but they never quite get the bullet spamming ability of say, newmans. It's a safe choice, but there's definitely quirks. 5/5

As Vanguards: They're alright. See the above really, just tilt the spectrum towards a bit more melee. Still it seems like a pretty huge sacrifice in ATA and not that much gain in ATP to move from ranger to vanguard. At high levels evasion becomes a great bonus here. 4/5
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6 years ago#4
BEASTS have been completely rebalanced. They now are pretty much on par with humans as far as teching goes (female beasts shares human male PP/PP regen and TP), and still having the highest ATP in the game, and tied with Newmans for highest evasion. They bring the ability to melee to every class... their fatal weakness is their ATA, which often isn't a big deal if a force's debuffs are present...unless of course you're trying to gun. NOTE: Because photon blasts uses tattoos instead of a slot unit, you can compensate for stats with an extra stat enhancing unit. This really helps if you're trying to do something like gunning.

As Hunters: The most sterotypical smash everything at the risk of gameplay variety type you can get. Highest melee damage in the game, but with really bad ATA, gunning is TERRIBLE. Also without a force on the team, some weapon types will flat out miss too much to be worth it. The one combat style format stinks with melee resistant enemies, but you do so much melee damage any way you can get around it. A very 2D character, frankly I find it a bit dull. This is the most effective use of their photon blast 5/5

As Forces: These are interesting. Beasts have such high ATP that it can still be valid even as a force. Buffs and debuffs at level 30 reduces many problems with ATA with melee weapons and plays viable support. Evasion/HP/DEF all work together here to keep them alive. Teching basically becomes finishing moves and used periodically. A fun typing, but a bit complex to use...not too "forcey" really. Sadly photon blasts are not useful here at all. 3/5

As Rangers: Not as bad as you'd think, actually. You will not be able to rely heavily on guns, but they're still entirely usable. Really the ticket here is melee, using those low accuracy multi hit weapons with guns thrown in. Think cast vanguard, basically with more bullet options. Because you have level 30 bullets you can further increase your accuracy to make sure you hit for some guns. Also some weapons, like cards will be improved as the ranger class. The evasion of this class+race gives them an edge too. Interesting. Males should probably be ignored here. 2/5

As Vanguards: It's not unheard of for beast hunters to get tired of their class and switch here. Sure ATP takes a hit, but the ability to use a wider range of weapons accurately opens up. And the ATP is still in the hunter ball park really. Guns are still not worth using, but TP is decent and techs are usable here when enemies are melee resistance. Neigh invincibility later on from high evasion makes this a killing machine for the slightly more sophisticated among us.
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6 years ago#5
Is it just me or does this sound a lot more like PSO then PSP. Oh well that is not a bad thing.
6 years ago#6
Classes sort of blur together with class abilities (which I didn't delve into...maybe if I ever make a 2.0 and try to get this crap stickied after the US release happens) The main thing is pick the race you can probably figure out a way to get the game play you like too with some tweaking. Because this game has the complex ability system I didn't get into at all, this is the type of title you may find yourself sticking with one character and mastering many different classes. In that respect its NOT like PSO.

If the system is new to you, basically you get abilities pretty much every time you class level up. Once you get an ability you can use it regardless of your class. So if you want a hunter ability that makes you flinch less, or the force ability to cast fire techs faster just learn em and activate them.

I just decided to change my sig after 7 years of it being the same damned thing.
6 years ago#7
The class abilities will help greatly for any typing and should help out with a typing's weakness to further balance the game. Vanguard's additional TP class skill should help Cast Rangers to become a more pure ranger, Ranger's ATA class skill could help out Beast Hunters' low ATA, and so on. I like the way the classes are a WHOLE lot better than the other class setups in the series. Very customizable. Reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics.
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6 years ago#8
I only really meant it is more like PSO in that support is more useful and enemy evasion and the weakness of techs seems more like how PSO was. PSP/PSU was all about just killing stuff as fast as possible and techers being "useless" with support(who needs buffs or debuffs if everything is already dead before you finish casting). The class system though has got my head spinning, it sounds awesome. Can you cast techs without equipping it to a rod or wand or whatever?
6 years ago#9
The techs still need rods, wands, and etc to be used. I don't mind this though but it would be nice to at least be able to use basic techs without them.
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6 years ago#10
Female Beast = Best FO in the game tbqh.
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