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User Info: Ephemeral_PuPu

6 years ago#1
Erm . . . this may be old to some people, but I haven't seen it posted here, so I'll do so just in case anyone missed it.
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User Info: popnkorn

6 years ago#2
Do you know if you get to keep your job lvl when you rebirth your character?

User Info: Squiiiiiiiiid

6 years ago#3
^Yeah you do.

The only thing that gets reset is your level, you have to Rebirth to get to higher type levels though.

User Info: popnkorn

6 years ago#4
When you rebirth you also get to allocate points or boosts to certain stats right kinda like disgaea?

User Info: Squiiiiiiiiid

6 years ago#5

IIRC, this vid showcases how it works. Had it in my bookmarks for some reason...

User Info: RaidenDirty

6 years ago#6
I actually didn't catch that, thank you.

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User Info: TheGreatGodot

6 years ago#7
At 0:55 you can see BD still pwns ;p.
And since Vanguards can get their evasion even higher with teh Rebirth system.... I dont think they nerfed it much.
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User Info: Squiiiiiiiiid

6 years ago#8
Well, that video is from before the announcement of BD's tweaking/nerf...

User Info: WBMike

6 years ago#9
@popnkorn Well from that video, the amount of points you get to spend is based on the level you rebirth on. In that video you have all stats costing 1 point, and each bonus point you spend adds to to the stat you wish to add to your level 1 character.

It's kind of weird but from that video, by spending 1 point on HP it took away different amounts.

These are totals and are not cumulative. HP stat
1pt = 1 Bonus point
2pt= 2 Bonus Points
3pt = 3 Bonus points
4pt = 6 Bonus Points
5pt = 10 bonus points

Before he moved to the next stat he had 10 bonus points off yet 5 points was shown to the side.
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User Info: MES_Seele

6 years ago#10
^^ I'll be happy if it's like that (more like a point buy system). For a moment there I actually thought it would be a 1:1 trade off.
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