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6 years ago#11
To anyone who wants the TRADITIONAL GALEA

First of all, you do NOT start off with the Traditional Galea. You start off with the Greek Galea.

The Traditional Galea is the helmet with holes covering the faceplate.

It's extremely easy to get. The first event you participate in is a team battle. The opening cutscene to the fight shows two gladiators facing off. The victor of that duel is your target. He's wearing the Traditional Galea.

During the fight, I suggest killing one of the two unmasked challengers first while your partner takes on your galea target and the second unmasked challenger. Once you kill him, strafe behind the target and begin bashing his mask off with high attacks (it'll be easy since he's focused on your partner). Once his mask is off, equip it IMMEDIATELY. Then kill off your two opponents and choose the galea at the end of the match.

Personally, I think it's the best headgear in the demo. I never use anything else.

I forgot what the Attack level is, but I know it has 20 Defense and 27 Weight
6 years ago#12
i love how equipment has attack levels. i know you can use a helmet as a shield, but i don't think you can bash people with them. can you throw equipment in this game like you could in coliseum?
6 years ago#13
If Trad G. was the one with the holes in the eyes, then I used Greek Galea.
6 years ago#14

You actually can use anything as an attack weapon. Helmet, shin guards, manicas, etc.

You can't throw them at opponents though, at least not in the demo.
6 years ago#15
I just download this and it is a great demo. I have not beat the girl yet.
6 years ago#16
So far I've beaten her four times.

- 06/16/27 [Head] Traditional Galea
- 14/10/18 [Right] Ring Sword
- 04/14/11 [Left] Shoddy Leather Shield (Yellow with +4 VIT)
- 04/07/12 [Left] Cheap Manica
- 04/07/12 [Left] Old Plate Ocrea
Skills: Single Sword
VIT 52(+4)
END 20
STR 42

Same basic strategy as everyone else. Just parry as much as you can, don't get pined against the walls, and spam the O attack. Try to avoid using the X attack, she takes advantage of it and will get a combo off. Also if you manage to make a vital hit, your health fills back up. A vital hit is when your attack hits in slow motion.

The fight is not completely unrewarding. You don't gain any AP from the fights with her but you can gain skill levels. You also get to choose a random number (depending on how you did) of her equipment. If you want it, you have to knock it off. The helmet is the hardest to get, being that you first have to knock it off, then wear it, while not being overweight. Trick I used is when you do knock off the her helmet (most likely when she is pined against a wall) take yours off then run to hers. So she picks up yours instead of her own.
6 years ago#17
Wear strong armor and PARRY A LOT! If you can knock off her helm then the rest will be easy. I've used this tactic to become a champion in the Japanese version of the game.
"But officer, those dead fanboys were buried under the house long before I moved in."
6 years ago#18
NOTE: The female gladiator in the demo is not in the game early on. In fact, you won't really fight anybody this ungodly powerful until MUCH further into the game. By the time I started fighting people like her I was already near the end of the game with great armor and weapons and some hardcore stats. Don't let the difficult demo discourage you into buying this game. I play the Japanese version of this game, Kentoushi: Gladiator Begins, religiously. I can guarantee you that if you remotely like the demo then you'll love the full game. There's nothing else like this on the market right now except the PS2 versions of the game and I pray for a PS3 version soon!
"But officer, those dead fanboys were buried under the house long before I moved in."
6 years ago#19
Kiyomasa, you can't throw any items in this game like you could on the PS2. I think it's a product of a lack of controller buttons on the PSP though. The arenas are noticeably smaller as well. In fact, the PSP version seems to use being pushed into a wall as a dynamic of the fighting. The controls for picking up and dropping items is much better to me than it was on PS2 though.

If anybody has questions about the game I will be happy to answer them in my Q&A thread.
"But officer, those dead fanboys were buried under the house long before I moved in."
6 years ago#20
Just beat her with Shield Style. Man she is hard to beat with shield style due to the constant de-shielding.

Skills that move in work good. Also ones that can't be parried rock.
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