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7 years ago#1
OK, where to begin...

Rand. Just wow. I didn't see the whole channeling the True Power thing coming at all, but that was a seriously evil scene. Then his rapid descent into madness and evilness was just dark. Well written, but WOW did he go over the edge there. His revelation at the end might have been better written, though, but whatever. At least he cleanses himself. It makes me wonder if he'll still get sick when he channels the One Power...

Egwene. Finally! How many books has this story line dragged out? And now finally it ends with a thermonuclear bang. Great scenes. I especially loved Verin Sedai's great revelation. A major holy **** moment, indeed!

Mat. Ummm... Is it just me or was Mat, the sarcastic cool dude, replaced with his slightly lamer twin brother. I'm guessing that Sanderson wrote these few scenes, and I don't think he really has the feel for this character. This makes me sad since Mat has always been my favorite (post dagger healing of course). It does appear that the next book will see the adventure into the Tower of Ghenji and the retrieval of Moiraine. I honestly thought only her return could bring the turn around to Rand, though...

Perrin. He's the same, and thankfully he and his wife didn't play much of a part in this book. It seems he will finally accept his fated duty to lead an army to the last battle, though.

Aviende. So she'll come back a Wise One and she and Elayne (not appearing in this book) will marry Rand, and maybe Min, too. That means Aviende will probably get knocked up with Rand's quadruplets then, too.

Nyneve, Cadsuane, et al. Meh. They were themselves, but nothing much there happened, except that we were given the key to sealing the Dark One's prison. Rand, Callendor, and two women in a circle. That is why Callendor was made without a buffer, and why it was preserved for the Dragon. It was the "other plan" that Lews Therin abandoned when the female Aes Sedai refused to participate in his little raid.

I was a little depressed with Rodel Ilturalde and the Borderlanders. Here they are made out to be mythic badasses, and we see next to nothing of Ilturalde who just runs off to the Blight Border, and we see the Borderlanders cowering. Meh.
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7 years ago#2
I'll give a much better response in the morning, but something I want to touch on real quick - I doubt Rand will use Callandor again at all, much less use it to seal DO's prison. TP seems the most probable way to do that. He can channel it now and his link with Moridin probably means he's got a TP addiction as well, so I doubt he'll refrain from channeling it again. Last time OP was used to seal DO's prison, saidin was tainted as a result. Callandor would risk tainting both halves, then what? If he used TP to seal it, everything and everyone is safe. Except Rand. And he's fully aware of the fact that he's going to die, so there's absolutely no reason not to use TP to seal it.
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7 years ago#3
The reason I think Callendor is the key is from The Dragon Reborn. It was either in the ever so brief Belal fight or the longer chase through madness Ishameal fight where one of the two foresaken shot balefire at Rand and Rand split it with Callendor. NOTHING should block balefire, but Callendor did.

My thought is that the "other" something special about Callendor that Cadsuane has her friends researching is that its lack of a buffer gives it protection from other things. Balefire is one, but I think the other is the True Power. That is the true purpose of Callendor. It is what Lews Therin wanted to use in his raid, but when no females would come to form the required link, he resorted to the male only attempt without Callendor that failed. The women learned their error, and then set aside Callendor for next time so they could do it right.

Furthermore, the final chapter was Rand recovering himself. My thought is that he will work in the next book to sever his like to Morridin, and thus sever his link to the True Power, which only came to him through Morridin. He also spent the entirety of The Gathering Storm fighting the urge to use it again. I think he had an idea of what it was and knew using it ever again would be a very bad thing. So no more TP for Rand.
I'm just like Jesus. I save... often! ** I can't give you your opinion. I can only give you mine. ** Ignorance is cured with knowledge. Stupid lasts forever.
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