Best match so far?

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Hi guys. Just wondering what your best match has been so far?

Mine was as follows;

Wigan Warriors -v- Hull KR, JJB Stadim, Round 8. 13 - 6.

On a night when the weather could have been better, the Warriors ground out a win against the tought and determined KR.

The opening, rain-battered, first quarter, was an error strewn affair, which saw both sides losing possession due to the handling errors on the last. The scoreboard opened after KR threw the ball wide to the wing and caught the Warriors two to one, following which a quick pass opened a gap for the winger to sprint in from the half way line, despite attention from Phelps and the full back, Roberts. Michael Dobson added the extras for KR despite the weather and the tough position of the kick.

Eventually, the Warriors scored, courtesy of a nice back-on-the-inside pass from Mark Riddell to Amos Roberts, found the full back sliding over the try line with Pat Richards adding on the easy two points. Both teams subsequently played out several sets of six before the Warriors scored their second try.

The build up was a calamity of errors with the Warriors knocking on at the fourth tackle, close to the KR line. Ben Fisher, on the play of the ball after the second tackle, knocked on for KR some 17 metres from his own line. The ball of course was scooped up impressively in the adverse conditions by Joel Tomkins who placed the ball down to the right of the post, allowing Richards to tag over another two points.

With the score 12 - 6, and the clock ticking away to the much needed half time hooter, the Warriors had one last drive down the middle before Thomas Leuleuai found the ball in his hands and some 27 metres from the post, slotted over a drop goal, giving the Warriors a half time lead of 13 - 6.

The weather was equally as worse in the second half, however, the Warriors failed to capitlise on numerous opportunities to finish the game off. Stuart Fielden and Sam Tomkins combined to set Cameron Phelps away on the wing only for him to be tackled into touch by some tough KR defending.

The extra point obviously gave the Warriors the slight cushion and peace of mind, as they held out during a barage of 4 back-to-back sets on their own line, with one try disallowed, with the KR player apparently losing control of the ball prior to placing it down.

The game ended with a relieved set of Warriors going into the dressing room.

Head coach for the Warriors commented, "The game was tough for the boys, but at this early stage in the competition, you'll find you have grind out wins like these. I think the boys deserve some praise for their defending, but I feel we need to improve in finishing".

Feel free to post your own match reports here! Cheers guys.

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"Get up Fielden... GET UP FIELDEN.... he does!" Eddie Hemmings, Sky Sports.
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4 NATIONS 2009

Week 1, Australia (me) VS New Zealand

Australia team line-up

1. Billy Slater
2. Darius Boyd
3. Israel Folau
4. Greg Inglis
5. Brent Tate
6. Darren Lockyer (c)
7. Johnathan Thurston
8. Steve Price
9. Cameron Smith
10. Luke Bailey
11. Corey Parker
12. Paul Gallen
13. Dallas Johnson

14. Kam Matheson
15. David Stagg
16. Carl Webb
17. Kurt Gidley

In Beautiful English weather (pouring rain) NZ kicks off and the Kangaroos start to spread the ball form the get go, making ground easy. Bailey breaks 2 tackles, off loads to Johnson with another off load to Inglis. G.I. runs 40 meters untouched puts down under the posts for an easy conversion.. 6-0... From the restart AUS found it abit harder with the kiwis muscleing up in defense. The next few sets went back and fourth and was mostly good hard tackles, until one of Brent Tates tackles found a kiwi across the head. Kiwis kick to touch, ball in great field postion.. 3 tackles later kiwis over in the corner, conversion no good.. 6-4... AUS kicks off and cause the kiwis to knock on from a bighit by Price and Smith. Scum to AUS 10 meters out... Thurston to Lockyer, almost breaks thru. Tate from dummy half off loads to Gallen, highshot. Plenty. Lockyer notices not long to half time and points to the post. Thurston steps up, 10meters to the side of the posts and knocks it over.. 8-4... Kiwis restart under a minute left. Aus start to throw the ball around. From one side to the other side, then back to the other side. Hot Potato stuff. Greg Inglis makes a break. Fullback to beat. Draws him in and passes back inside to Tate to run the rest of the way to score under the post. JT knocks the extra 2 over and its halftime.. 14-4

AUS kicks off the 2nd half and are brutal in Defense. Some big hits and froce them back in to own ingoal. Dropout.. AUS take the catch and we get a few regulation hit ups, then Boyd throws a pass that wasnt on. Kiwis regather the loose ball and run 80 meters to score under the post.. 14-10

Coach not happy with Boyd and subs him. On comes Matheson, into the centers and Folua to the wing.. JT kicks off and flirts with the sideline. Matheson leads the chase down the field to meet the Kiwis and puts on a huge hit that smashed the Kiwi over the sideline, Scrum to AUS. 10 meters out.. JT rans from the scrum, cuts out Lockyer and finds Slater running on to the ball thru a hole. TRY. Conversion. 20-10.. The next few sets are nothing special, a few drop balls from both sides.. 5mins to go and the Kiwis crash over for a try over near the sideline. Conversion no good.. 20-14

JT with the restart. Decides to flirt with the sideline again. Kickoff out on the full. Plenty, Kiwis, halfway. Big touch finder. 2 tackles later kiwis in next to the post 20-20

The next play is almost the same as before. JT kicks off again is out on the full. The kiwis touch finder is not as big. The kangaroos hang in tough, some bighits, 5th and last the kiwis put up a bomb. Slater no problems. 2 tackles later Parker takes a hitup, knockon. Scum 20meters out, under 2mins to go.. Kiwis spread the ball, a few off loads and bring it back into the center of the field. Kiwis crash over near the post from dummy half. conversion good. 20-26.. JT kicks off, 2 tackles later its full time

Such is Life
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After this game, the kiwis went on to beat france and england
As did the Aussies.

Now for the final. Aussies and Kiwis
Such is Life