for everybody who cannot start the first mission... your problems may be solved!

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6 years ago#1
after searching through several forums trying to get the first mission started, I found a post that fixed my problems and very well could fix yours

"Having spent the better partof the last 20 hours with this game i'd like to clarify some things : Even after the patch there are still some bugs but asinde from the initial "the missions don't work" thing it's nothing world shaking or gamestopping., expect a patch within the nxet few days.

"The missions don't work! / I can't reenter my ship in dock!"
That's something I've read/heard quite often and the documentation/ingame help don't really adress this so here's what I did:
After docking at Kiel and saying good bye to your old commander you'll notice 2 guys standing around you can talk to (press ALT to outline them with a yellowish frame). THe one on the left lets you upgrade your sub for prestige, the one on the right (dressed in a uniform) let's you a) choose a mission and b) make a sortie. That's how you get back on your ship and out there.

Now choosing a will bring up the mission briefing but you won't see any icons to choose and accept anything, that's what most people report as the dreaded DRM kicking in or having to download stuff. Now thta's a complete pile of steaming bull...
It's juxt another bug in the game, simply quit the game after the tutorial, restart the campaign and click "skip tutorial" when prompted, you're standing in the dock in front of the flotilla captain and voilŗ, miraculously the missions work."

It's a simple game bug, not the DRM. All you have to do is start a new campaign and finish the tutorial, then start another campaign and skip the tutorial. The captain will have three stars above his head and you just have to talk to him about the next mission. On the map there will be two different objectives you can choose from in the upper left side of the map. I hope this helps
6 years ago#2
Hi Dakotakid444

How far have you got in this game?

I did as you suggested and selected the mission to sink 50,000 tons of the east coast of UK.

I sank the 50,000 tons but didnít get an end to the mission so I returned to Kiel ended the patrol and there was a 3rd mission Blockage of Germany to sink 5 ships and 1 aircraft carrier, so I started this mission as it was due to end before the other 2 ( 1 March 1940).

I sank the ships and the aircraft carrier again no end to the mission and returned to my new base at Wilhelmshaven and ended the mission.

I was given a new sub and I selected the only mission (out of the 3) that I havenít done British Supplies. When I moved out of port a mini mission appeared (Infiltrate spy near Liverpool).

I will do the mini mission first and see what happens.

I hope that at the end dates of the missions we get credited with completing the missions.

Regards blackguard
6 years ago#3
Update on my last post.

Completed Mini mission (Infiltrate spy near Liverpool) and got indication mission complete.

Carried on with British Supplies mission sank 150977 tons no indication of mission completed.

Returned to base 4 Feb 1940. options

1. re-equip and return to British Supplies mission.

2. End mission still only same 3 missions available.

3. End mission restart free mission 16 Feb 1940 gained 37 promotion points.

4. End mission restart free mission 16 Feb 1940 end mission without leaving port takes the date to 3 March 1940 and gives another mission Operation Weserlbung.

I am going to try option 3 use the promotion points and sink ships up to 1 March 1940 I think this will give me more promotion points and the new mission Operation Weserlbung.
6 years ago#4
I'm glad it seems to be working for you. I've only finished the first mission. Good luck
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  3. for everybody who cannot start the first mission... your problems may be solved!

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