How to get in the beta EZ

#1xKirbzPosted 6/10/2012 2:09:31 AM
your welcome!
#2pdizzles125Posted 6/10/2012 9:57:52 PM
Wow. It actually works.. lol. :D
Told all my PSN friends about it today and 3 of them got keys.
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#3Ikpa_VatryxPosted 6/11/2012 3:23:50 AM
Just tried this. It's still working. Thanks!
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#4CaptainLukaPosted 6/11/2012 9:22:45 AM
>Doesn't know name of game when it's been plastered all over that hub in PS Home.
>That voice.
>Explains everything.

Anyways, good job putting a video out there. I did this by accident and was pleasantly surprised.
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#5darthsniderPosted 6/11/2012 9:53:50 AM
If people are willing to exploit PS home of all things, they aren't going to like Dust.
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#6xKirbz(Topic Creator)Posted 6/12/2012 8:28:16 PM
Not my video, but I'm glad i can help most of you guys!
#7ProdozulPosted 6/22/2012 12:45:32 PM
when does the beta go public?
#8midgarPosted 6/26/2012 6:43:51 PM
Won't let me view the videos on the EH. Damn. :/
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#9FinalFlamesPosted 6/28/2012 3:55:45 PM
midgar posted...
Won't let me view the videos on the EH. Damn. :/

Leave it and go back to it.
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