Which weapon types gets racial bonuses on the dropsuits?

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3 years ago#1
For example: Some of the Gallente dropsuites give bonuses to "hybrid weapons", but what's considered a hybrid weapon? I know what is in Eve but i have no idea in Dust.

Sorry if obvious but i didn't see the info in game anywhere.
3 years ago#2
Blaster: Shotgun, Plasma Cannon, Assault Rifle
Railgun: Sniper RIfle.

I feel like I'm missing something, but not sure. The devs have confirmed there will be a Caldari AR-equivalent called the Rail Rifle, but it's not in the game yet.

Also, Scrambler Rifles count as Laser weapons for the purposes of the Amarr suit bonus.
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3 years ago#3
Ah sweet, thanks,

Would this make the Gallente DS's a better suit, based on the fact tha it gives so many more weapon options? Seems like I see alot of Amarr and Caldari... hmm, i still can't decide which one to spec into first, lol.
3 years ago#4
Caldari Assault bonus is to Hybrid weapons as well, and more useful - reload speed vs. reduced fitting cost. Minmatar Assault bonus is for SIdearms, which you can dual-equip, unlike Light weapons. Depending on your loadout and playstyle, any of the suits can be really beneficial.
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3 years ago#5
Until shields arent superior to armor in every way, caldari will reign supreme.
3 years ago#6
Realtalk_Clover posted...
Until shields arent superior to armor in every way, caldari will reign supreme.

Caldari sheild tanks were pretty beastly on ships back when i used to play Eve but i dont know, armor looks pretty strong in Dust. Self armor reps, suits with rep efficency, nanohives with armor rep, plus the fact if you go armor tank, you can use those highs to slap on gun damager modifiers, hehe.

I do plan to do both for sure but I got a long way to go. Le sigh.
3 years ago#7
Armour will be getting a boost this month in patch 1.2

Armour users will see a reduction to the speed penalty on armour plates. Also, we w25% less laser weapon heat build upll be getting a few new plates as well.

There is one that gives less HP but has a built in hp regain, and another that has no speed penalty at all.

As far as which suit is best, it really does come down toYour playstyle.

Gallente are a little slower, get the least shields but have the most armour. They have more low slots, but have less high slots. The bonuse they get is great if you plan to use a proto hybrid weapon since it really lowers the cpu/pg cost of them.

The Caldari are almost the exact opposite of Gallente. They get more highs and shields, but less armour and lows. They get a bonus to hybrid reload weapons at 2 percent per level. A good bonus, but not amazing.

Amarr are the middle ground, they are a littker slower then Caldari but have equal high and low slots, as well as equal shields and armour. They get a reduction to laser weapon heat bulid up at 5 percent per level.

Minmatar are the fastest, but with the least armour. I don't know too much about minmatar besides they get a 5 percent bonus to sidearm clip size per level.
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3 years ago#8
Armor is currently terrible. Armor is SUPPOSED to have huge buffer, with slow regeneration. Unfortunately thats not how it works out in practice.

First of all, all armor modules are low power slots, an armor suit has to balance its slots between armor repair and buffer. Shield suits have more of a balance of their modules, being able to put shield extenders in high slots, and shield regulators in low slots. Shield based suits can have their cake and eat it too, while armor suits have to make a tough decision between health and regen. What this means is that in the end, shield tankers have more effective health.

Movement penalty on armor modules is inconsistent and too severe. Basic plates give 65hp for 3% movement penalty, complex gives 115 health for 10% move penalty. There is no incentive to go complex besides saving mod slots, 2 basics beats a proto. For shields, a single complex extender matchs 3 basic extenders, so its more efficient to use a complex mod. If an armor suit wants as much HP as a shield suit, it will be running at about -30% to -40% move speed as a penalty for it.

Armor repair is pitiful. To get a decent armor repair on a suit, you need to slot 2 complex repair modules. Shield suits get a better base shield regen rate. Despite being on a delay, it only takes 2-3 seconds of recharging after the delay to severely outclass armor repair. To get a higher armor regen rate you have to sacrifice a lot of health. Shield suits can just slot regulators in their low slots to lower the delay. if a shield suit sacrifices one extender to get a complex recharger, their recharge rate shoots up to like 40 per second.

Utility favors shield tankers. Armor has spare high-slots, which consist of weapon damage, shield extend, shield recharge, melee mods. Shields have spare low slots, which consist of shield regulators, CPU/PG mods (easier to make fittings work), stamina mods, sprint mods, etc. high power slots have almost nothing good to work with.

Armor has worse resistance values across the board. Most weapons that do more damage to shields than armor do 110/90%, or 120/90% damage rates. The most powerful anti-sheild weapons do something like 130/80%. For armor, the average anti-armor weapons do like 80/130%, while explosive weapons do something like 60/150%. Locus grenades are strictly better than flux grenades. A flux grenade may remove a shield characters shields, but it cant kill them, they can use their superior mobility to flee, or their spare low slots to stack a bit of armor buffer (remember, basic armor plates are the most efficient) to negate the fact their shields were lost. A locus grenade however, will outright one-shot an armor suit, even at full health and shields. There are also contact detonating locus grenades, which are the bane of armor-suits existence.

In the end, armor users have lower hp, lower regen, slower move speed, take more damage in general due to poor weapon matchups, and have less module options for their spare slots.

The only advantage armor suits have is that they can be repaired by third parties, but they are so easy to destroy because of poor resistances, that it really doesnt make a difference unless said person repping you is using a proto core focused repair tool, even then a grenade will still one-shot said armor suit, good luck running from a grenade with the movement penalty.

My gallente logi, which i chose mostly for the passive bonus to equipment, runs at 160 shields 500 armor, if i was caldari i would be running ~650 shields 90 armor if focusing on shields only, or ~650 shields ~350 armor if dual-tanking, bringing me up to 1000 total health.

Tank balance is actually the opposite atm, armor tanks reign supreme, because they have the same advantages that shield dropsuits have at the moment, higher HP, superior resistance (via hardeners) and superior regen

There are new plates coming soon for armor, it wont change things if they are all low slot modules though.
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