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3 years ago#1
I just happened to play with the militia Sniper with complex damage modifiers.

And I'm just I watch the battle from afar. Look right over the walls. Watch the enemies wait for my team mates to take down the shields of an enemy. ANd then when that guy goes and holds a spot to recover. Just give him a shot and boom. 250 damage easily. Hes dead.

Jus pick out the half dead guys with a 1 shot. But I use ARs...just my opinion.

Kills most except for the heavies.
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3 years ago#2

High end snipe rifles can do 500 without damage mods, with like 1000 damage headshots.

Sniping really breaks the games risk/reward system : /
3 years ago#3
That's ridiculous....and unfair. Well I guess im late to the party.

Highest hp I ever saw was a heavy with about 950 total. Dunno if he was hit before but thats insane.
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3 years ago#4
Highest hp I ever saw was a heavy with about 950 total.

My Heavy has 553 shields 580 armor and just basic HP boosting mods lol

Heavys can hit 1.4k easy if they wanted, but it would make them dependant upon Logis. Most Heavys opt for 2 or 3 reppers
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#5
Most unfair strategy at the moment.
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3 years ago#6
Most unfair strategy at the moment.

Madrugar spam
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#7
Snipers are fine, no worse than most shooters in where they can kill you in one hit, maybe two. The problem in dust is two fold imo. First the way most of the maps are designed they favor snipers because they are so open with very little cover. Add to that armor plates slow you down to a crawl, it makes no scouts very easy targets.

You might have a few hundred more HP total than a scout but compared to them you might as well be sitting still to a sniper. The other problem is dmg mods aren't that amazing for the most part. Sure you can more easily one shot a guy in a starter out fit, but high end suits are still going to take 2 or 3 shots to kill. Snipers who forgo the dmg mods for shield extenders are the most dangerous imo. They might not kill you in shot but even if you find them and fire back they have so much defense their basically invicible. Try landing 2 or three shots on them before they kill you or duck behind cover.

I don't mind a sniper being able to kill me from a distance, but I would like at least to have the knowledge in knowing that said sniper was wearing the tissue paper armor you would expect. Heck because of their insane ability to get shields right now Caldari logi's kind of make the best snipers....
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3 years ago#8
I got no clue what any of you guys are talking about.
3 years ago#9
What I don't understand is how they find places to snipe from. I can never find a safe enough or a high enough place whenever I've tried.
3 years ago#10
When finding a place to snipe from you generally have two things to consider, safety and field of fire. Generally you can have one or the other. On top an open building you might have a 360 view of the entire map, but your also very exposed with little to no cover. On a cliff, building etc with some kind of obstructions you can get up against a wall and maybe have a 90 degree arc of fire. You'll have more trouble finding targets to shoot, but since the only way you can get shot from is generaly the front it means you more likely to spot your would be killer before they get you.

The general rule of thumb is the harder it is to get to your spot, the better it is. Climbing up a mountain, a long ladder etc are better than just kneeling down behind some bushes for example. The ultimate sniping spots generally require a dropship, which can be incredibly dangerous to do. Though now that you can recall your vehicles at least you don't have to worry so much about throwing away the ship just to get up there.

A bit of a hint though, the better your spot the more likely you will get counter sniped. Pretty much everyone knows were to look for the 'ideal' spots, so some times picking a less perfect spot can actually save your life. After all everyone knows to look on top of buildings, the MCC etc. Unless their high end proto with a million shields, snipers tend to make the easiest targets since they rarely move.
"That is not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, that is lifting the barrel up and poking some of the slimy sludge growing underneath the barrel."

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