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3 years ago#21
Reapers are a fun bunch of people. Just because a mic/headset is required doesn't change that fact. The rule isn't there to "piss" people off. It's actually there so you can enjoy the game more with your fellow league/clan/guild members.
You're playing an online game with people, if you cant talk to them what point is it to be in a l/c/g? Yes the mic/headset is required. And yes that rule has been bent to allow members who can't use for medical reasons. And almost every l/c/g will bend the must have mic rule to allow members who can not use mic/headset to join. I know this for a fact because it has been broken for me in every game I have ever played.
So just because Reapers have the mic required rule doesn't mean they are a bad community. It means they want to talk and have fun with each other. Don't bypass us as a community because we have a set of rules. Check us Reapers out and you might actually find we are a cool bunch of people mic or no mic.
3 years ago#22
stuff pixiestyx013 posted

Read his post

Then ask yourself: "why exactly is that rule there if they don't care and will ignore it?"
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#23
I read it way before you did. How you might ask? I saw him type it.
They post rules because rules are a way to make sure a community runs smoothly. Is that rule really broken when they allow a person with a hearing disorder to by pass it? I don't think so. It shows they are willing to allow a person in who can be a great asset to their community.

As for headset and rule being bent on occasions.
I can't use headset because I can't hear well enough to comprehend what is said. There have been many times I felt left out of conversations and fun that is being had in many many c/l/g that I have been in because of not being able to use a headset. But not with Reapers. If they didn't bend that one rule I would have turned away. It would have been their loss not mine.
As I said every c/g/l I've ever been in has had a raid rule that headset is required but bent because of people like me.

Just a thought on rules set in place and not being broken/bent.
If a boss posts no drinks at a workstation. And they are in a place where they normally have a/c and it breaks during a 100+ degree day. I bet you that rule will be bent till that a/c is fixed. Or someone's looking at loss in production.
3 years ago#24
BTW the rule is bent not broken. Everyone else is asked to use headset. And yes there have been times even when they have it they can't use because someone in room is sleeping or it breaks. It's a rule in a gaming community. Key word being gaming. This isn't a real world situation.
But as I said before rules are in place to have things run smooth. Without rules even in a gaming community you could end up with anarchy.

If you don't like a community that asks its members to have a headset to communicate with its fellow members that is your choice. But to bash a community who prefers its members to have headsets to create a more closely knit community. And one who bends a rule to allow others with the same love of gaming to join in on the fun. To me that means you aren't interested in a tight knit community of friends who enjoy talking to each other. So why even post any more about a rule being bent to allow a hearing impaired person in?
You can just go make your own Dust Clan with no rules.
3 years ago#25
pixiestyx013 posted...
It shows they are willing to allow a person in who can be a great asset to their community.

If they didn't bend that one rule I would have turned away. It would have been their loss not mine.

This is exactly the point he is trying to make. They ARENT willing to allow people in who can be great assets to the community.

You say you are a great asset despite being hearing impaired. If you were exactly the same person you are now, but NOT hearing impaired, and yet lacked a headset, you would be denied access to the clan despite having the potential to be a great asset to the community.

You yourself are proof enough that you dont need perfect two-way communication to be a valuable asset for your corporation.

Great asset to the community but hearing impaired = rules are bent for you.

Great asset to the community, not hearing impaired, but lacking a headset = denied access.

The situations are roughly equivalent, but you are getting special treatment. I would dare say that the person with good hearing but no headset is more valuable for teamwork than someone who can speak but cant hear (assuming you use a headset despite being hearing impaired, if you dont use a headset then the guy without a headset is better off than you, as he can actually hear tactical information given by the squad leader, while you can neither hear nor speak)

This looks more like they are bending the rules for you due to your relationship with TC, and also out of pity, than actually weighing your value as a player. If they WERE weighing your value as a player, then another player fortunate enough to have good hearing but lack a headset would be capable of joining, on the grounds that they can listen and understand orders better than you, and thus coordinate with their team better despite being incapable of responding through voice chat.

I am not trying to belittle your condition, it is quite an unfortunate thing to have to deal with.

Im merely pointing out that making exceptions for the hearing impaired while denying healthy players whose lack of a headset provides a roughly equivalent scenario is rather silly. Doing so removes potentially great players from your possible pool of recruits and gives the impression that you are pitying the physically handicapped rather than treating them as equals.

This is all my opinion, take it for what you will.


Building on a point i made eariler in the thread, it is easier for someone to be accepted by pretending they have a disability, as being a good player is apparently irrelevant if you lack a headset. Faking a disability becomes the easy out to be accepted into your community
3 years ago#26
What your failing to understand is anarchy is bred from an unstable society, not a society without rules

A society without rules is by definition Darwinism, and will establish its own rules within a few months at max because everything inherently longs for order and stability

In this case your society has a "mic required" rule but will openly ignore this rule, which creates an unstable society because the original rule must be obeyed by certain people, not the entirety, which is oppression of the majority while catering to the minority

A great example is the kid in Canada who made a sarcastic remark online (on LoL iirc) about killing people because the game was violent and the FBI stormed his house, arrested him, set his bail to half a million dollars while the constitution should have protected his right to freedom of speech, when in turn during the 60s or 70s the KKK was given permission to rally in the streets hating on everyone not white because of that very same constitutional amendment
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#27
It was actually an american kid who was reported by a canadian woman.

A more appropriate comparison is that he was arrested for making a sarcastic joke about violence, spends 6 months in jail without trial, being beaten up, eventually put on suicide watch, forced into solitary confinement, NAKED.

Yet Ted Nugent makes a racist joke about shooting up minorities in south central from a helicopter, and nothing will happen to him because hes a right-wing celebrity

But thats more a commentary about how freedom in america is dead and our justice system being a joke than it is a serious critique of this clans acceptance policies.
3 years ago#28
Thats why I don't follow news too closes, stupid **** like that

But thanks for correcting me, I began to question if he was the Canadian one

But I digress


Enjoy freedom
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#29
Last and final post.
Anarchy has many definitions. One of them being a society run with out rules. Where everyone can live as they want. But in the end your way may not be the way others want to live and chaos more then likely would happen.

And I'm not nor have I ever been shown pity. The rule has also been bent for people without headsets who can hear ,but they do prefer headsets as it does make for easier communication.
3 years ago#30
So what is the point of the rule, if it is bent so often?

Seems like it should read "Headsets preferred, not required" at that rate.
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