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3 years ago#1
First let me say that it took me all three of my character build slots before I knew enough about the game to succeed in making a solid build that felt "right".

So having said that, I would like to know how many characters you all built before you felt like you got it right. Was it just me? Was I just slow to catch on? Or did everybody feel like they were jumping into the deep end with a blindfold on with their first character like I did?

It's funny. I'm sure the learning curve turns a lot of people off but I wouldn't like the game nearly as much as I do if it wasn't so very deep but it sure made it hard at the beginning.
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#2
I saw Heavy, I saw HMG, I instantly knew because its what I always do

However I'll admit AV was originally a backseat thing turned priority
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#3
That's where I went wrong, actually. I'm usually more of a tank too but I didn't realize how much I was sacrificing for that heavy armor when I dumped all my SP into it.

That was my second build. My first was more of an engineer (I had no idea what I was doing.) and I swear to God, I died every time someone sneezed.

Finally I've settled on medium assault and I'm doing much better already with a much lower level build.
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#4
I've only ever made one other character to try out some of the new weapons like the flaylock to see how it was without wasting my main's SP.

I've made a few mistakes on my main, luckily the two resets we have had helped remove most of them. The basic rule in this game though is spend nothing until your sure what you want. You can get buy on the starter and milita gear for most fits. See what you like and go from there.

One of my first mistake was focusing to much on defense. Dust is a very offensive game. You can have proto level defense, giving you 1k+ over all hp, and still die instantly to a LAV and the like. My ability to kill anyting was horrid with next to no SP spent on weapons orginally. My reasoning was though that I was a logi, I didn't think I'd need to do much dmg. Unfortunetly if you want to stay alive in dust, you gota kill the other guy first.
"That is not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, that is lifting the barrel up and poking some of the slimy sludge growing underneath the barrel."
3 years ago#5
Spent sp on active scanners before the respec was my biggest mistake lol.
3 years ago#6
We need to make a GF squad like one night a week or something. I don't have a mic but I'm so sick and tired of playing with Randoms that just run around like chickens with their heads cut off. I mean, all I would need is to be put with someone that has a mic and I could follow their lead.

Even a 2 man squad in Dust can dominate because in my experience most people just mindlessly run around. I'll even see my squad spread out all over the map all doing different things when I do join one made up of Randoms. What's the point in that?
Valar Morghulis
3 years ago#7
Not a bad idea, just have a GameFaqs channel open too
#1 Cactus
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