Extra Range Sniping Tips.

#1deadly_shotzPosted 7/9/2013 4:13:32 PM
The very first thing you probably should do as a sniper is find a hiding spot, prefferably high ground. After you find that, duck. You hold the sniper rifle steady that way. After that, look for weaker dropsuits, or other snipers. Doing this will help you team in the game mode " Ambush". If the target you wish to hit is a tiny blip on your screen, try to hit it in the head just in case you CAN hit it. If you go for heavier dropsuits, buy a heavy damage or fast fire rate sniper rifle.
#2EX_BortthogPosted 7/9/2013 5:21:04 PM
Instead of looking for the head on distant targets, watch efficiency readings

If it goes up, thats the head. I'm no carrier sniper but I at least practice it in case its required to harass other snipers, which most snipers are bad. I'm perfectly content with body shots if it can stop them from harassing our team

The average sniper will also not move, which is the dumbest thing you can do as a sniper
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all I have to say is if you are against Sleepy Zan, Gem Cutter, Appia Vibbia and/or Nod Keras

You need to play smart if you are goingto attempt counter sniping otherwise they will eat you alive
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I have been experimenting with different sniping tactics, and i agree with Ex_Bortthog, sometimes look for the efficiency readings. The best place to shoot for lower level dropsuits are the chest up, but for heavier dropsuits go for the head. If you can get at the head, go for the chest area. I have noticed that when you do more kill assists than kills, you get more sp. My name for dust 514 is Deadly Shotz and my corporation is deadly shottas. join if you want. if you are good enough i will give you isk if you are in my squad
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if you are good enough i will give you isk if you are in my squad

If your looking for KDR per game don't hire me

If your looking for a Logi (just starting Logi tree, don't have the cool toys yet but I get healing dun), AV, and Heavy all rolled into 1 guy and want orbitals, hire me. I'm all about WP and can swap roles as needed
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EX_Bortthog posted...
I'm all about WP and can swap roles as needed

good thats what im looking for
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