why does everyone hang out around the MCC?

#1kyrobertPosted 7/19/2013 9:12:29 AM
They just hang out around/under the MCC and never even try to take any nodes. I don't understand...
#2Lum_the_MadPosted 7/19/2013 9:15:49 AM
Well there are the people who are AFK for one reason or another. It could be a temp thing where they are going the bathroom. They could be restocking their suits, or they could be just fishing for Skill points but don't want to play the game. Honestly I don't think it wouldn't be such a big issue if the game wasn't so mind numbingly repetative at times.

As long as their not in the MCC itself, they could be snipers. On the ground near a supply depo is one of the better places to snipe from if your just starting out and lack the resources to get a better spot.
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#3Realtalk_CloverPosted 7/19/2013 10:59:24 AM
i expect a LOT more MCC leechers in the coming days.

With CCP making changes that undermine the decisions players have made months ago, and forcing them to play for 2-3 months to correct the issue that arises as a result of developer decisions, i fully expect a lot of players to afk leech or quit the game entirely.
#4EX_BortthogPosted 7/19/2013 1:13:47 PM
If CCP has any business sense they'll offer a respec when that happens

But we won't know till it gets closer to that time
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#5darthsniderPosted 7/19/2013 10:24:30 PM
EX_Bortthog posted...
If CCP has any business sense they'll offer a respec when that happens

But we won't know till it gets closer to that time

They said they won't be offering a respec for this patch.

And good thing too.

If anyone deserves a respec, it's scout users that are constantly getting screwed, not people who specced into Cal Logi knowing it the game was imbalanced in their favor and crying because their suit is about to be slightly weaker.
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#6Lum_the_MadPosted 7/20/2013 12:27:10 AM
Eh unless you went into an armor based scout suit I can't see how you would be upset. Scouts with shields and a flaylock consistantly dominate the game right now. Sure straight line moving has changed a bit, but straffing/jumping still works.

The larger hit box is a bit anoying when you get caught on corners and such more often, but it's the quick fix CCP had to the fact nothing used to hit a sprinting scout really even if the bullets pass through were the screen said the scout was.

I think the main problem with dust now is CCP seems to make one quick fix solution after another to current problems and fails to think long term. If a weapon is to strong they nerf it. Look at mass drivers and how they went from a very sizable blast radius to next to nothing after uprising. Then they finally patched them to hit a larger area again after they realized that they weakened them to much.

The only step in the right dirrection imo was the new armor plates. It was a pretty valid attempt to make armor tanking more useful, even if it failed horribly in application. At least it was an attempt to make armor better, and not just nerf shields in some way.
"That is not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, that is lifting the barrel up and poking some of the slimy sludge growing underneath the barrel."
#7Realtalk_CloverPosted 7/20/2013 12:43:08 AM
There is no reason not to have respecs in dust, other than the stubborn EVEtard mentality. If CCP is smart they will realize that having respecs as a built-in feature will increase replay value and player retention, ultimately making dust a better game.

If someone made a commitment of months of their time in order to unlock something, and CCP goes and sweeps the rug out from under them, they have every right to be upset and demand a respec.

Im not even a caldari logi and im concerned. CCP has announced that they are doing a complete revamp of the logi passives. Being a Gallente Logi solely for the Gallente Logistics passive, this worries me.

The suit itself is rather weak, but the passives are quite potent, especially for the role i play of a pure support logistics. When the passive is changed, what do i do if it is no longer in line with the decision i had made 2 months ago? What if i get a passive that is completely useless to the way i play?

It is highly likely that they will change the global logistics passive to the gallente logistics passive, and give gallente a new specific passive that may or may not be useless for me. On the off-chance they merely swapped the gallente specific bonus of fitting bonus for equipment, with the regeneration passive of the logi suit, i would still be at a loss. My suit would be functionally identical to what it is now, but my choice would be rendered completely meaningless, as the passive i chose the suit for would then be accessible to the other 3 races as well.

I carefully made an informed decision after weighing the options, a decision which aligns completely with the intended role of the class, a decision based on aesthetic flavor and preference, not flavor of the month, and yet ill likely be thrown under the bus by CCP through no fault of my own. My only recourse? Grind SP for another 3 months to get back to the same spot i am now, but as a different race? And people wonder why MCC leeching is so popular...

As far as Caldari FOTM players are concerned, its not the fault of the player that CCP couldnt identify that it was OP, its CCP's fault for making it OP in the first place.