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3 years ago#1
I wanted to snipe and I notice I've run out of initial SP just trying to reduce the ridiculous sway. I didn't include any damage mods, quicker reloads, nothing but the sway, by only 20%, and now it will take months to fill out the rest in hopes just discovering that rifles MAY be decent in the long run. Because right now they are beyond garbage. Long shots are easier with the starting AR with zero recoil, and they'll actually drop within a single mag.

Going assault to start out doesn't help much either. I purchased the non-unique light dropsuit which again, very well may be a waste, and I'm close to the level 3 grenades which I hope can actually kill something with full shields. I'm only allowinb myself to come up against those heavy suit minigun users a few more times without a plan. I think this is the only shooter I've played where there are umwinnable fights like that.
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3 years ago#2
First of all, your playing Dust like its CoD or BF. Snipers aren't an easy "I win because I shot you" button, rather require you actually snipe

That said, snipers have the lowest risk in Dust because once you get a Charge Sniper with damage mods you'll one shot suits whose HP isn't over 600 generally from damn 300 meters :/

Next, Heavys are CQC suits. Don't try to go toe to toe with a Heavy in CQC with a sniper or assault rifle, thats just suicidal. The HMG only hits hard at up to 40 meters (60 if its an assault HMG). This added with Heavys piss poor movement speed makes keeping Heavys away not that hard. Trust me I know, I AM a true Heavy and I see stupid complainants like that alot. I say "true" because bad snipers will use a Heavy suit because they cant aim and need something to counteract this, thus a suit with 810 HP lol, but its stupid because it not only makes them slow but easier to hit, making it a pointless attempt to anyone with a Charge Sniper or Thales
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#3
Now as for grenades, again, stop playing Dust like its CoD or BF

Certain grenades counter certain situations

Flux counters shields and equipment but fails against armor (doing 0), Locus counters armor but falls short against shields, and AV counters vehicles at the expense of being pointless on infantry

You have level 3 in grenades, which unless your doing it for AV or Locus is fine as is because Flux destroy ANY infantry shield at ANY level making not standard Flux pointless, higher Locus just makes your grenades do slightly more to shields but is still pretty pointless on shield heavy suits and Packed AV or gtfo
#1 Cactus
3 years ago#4
Crouching and zooming in with a sniper for a few seconds eliminates sway.
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3 years ago#5
As EX_Bortthog has already pointed out, snipers generally are not war point champs. The best way to think of snipers as long-distance support. Softening up the opposition and providing providing intelligence are invaluable.

Sure everyone wants to be slayer with their rifle and drop everyone like flies, but such habits will result in you walking away from the match with one less proto rifle/Thale's.

Not knowing how much the TC wants to diversify, I would suggest sticking to Sniper Rifle Operation and Proficiency; also invest in Electronics.

Sniping while standing is viable at the TC's level of rifle operation (lv. 4), it just requires practice to master and experience to recognize when to use it instead of crouching.
3 years ago#6
Thanks for the tips I do need to learn more. Seems those m1 locusts are decent enough. The blast range still seems small, but the way I use em it doesn't really matter. I pretty much won't start a fight without lobbing a cooked on right at my target.

The sniping still irks me though. You pretty much need the whole class filled out to get some use out of it, then a decent suit to carry the damage modifiers. I'll come clean and admit the huge open maps made me want to snipe and not really contribute too much. lol. But yeah they make you work for it and it seems like my grenade chucker will be the primary. Just know that when a bunch of bombs are detonating in front of your face followed by machine gun fire, you could've been dealing with a much more manageable sniper, had SP been given a bit more freely.
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Fox / Town of Nivinex
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