Here, have some free stuff! (and maybe I'll get some too)

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If you don't have a character, or if you're really new, or if you hate your character and want to start over, click that link. It's my Recruiter link, and it's very helpful. Create your character through that link instead of in-game, and you get a few bonus items.

-On character creation, you're given a 7 day skill booster, meaning you can level up faster when you equip it. You can use it early on to get a head-start, or save it for when you know how to cap your SP quickly.

-Also on character creation, you get a "Recruit" Assault Rifle with slightly better stats than the ones on your starter suits. ARs provide you with a good amount of versatility in combat, and having a half-decent one that can be used forever is just a no-brainer.

-There are two unlockable extras that only Recruits can receive: The "Recruit" SMG is a slightly better sidearm weapon than the ones you'd normally get for free, and it's unlocked with only 25,000 WP. After earning 100,000, you'll also get a free Dropsuit. It's not a particularly GOOD Dropsuit, but it gets the job done, and it's a blank canvas, unlike your premade Starter Fit suits.

If anyone else has their own Recruiter link to post, or wants to use my link and give me a few free items (oddly, not quite as nice or permanent as the ones I'm giving you), feel free to post here.
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