What the....no trophies???

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Heavenly Sword. No trophies. Fail.
Assassin's Creed. No trophies. Fail.
Genji: Days of the Blade. No trophies. Fail.
Resistance: Fall of Man. No trophies. Fail.
Armored Core: For Answer. No trophies. Fail.
F.E.A.R. No trophies. Fail.
Folklore. No trophies. Fail.
Lair. No trophies. Fail.
Lego Star Wars. No trophies. Fail.
Afro Samurai. No trophies. Fail.

When DUST was first made publicly available, trophy support on free games was NOT ALLOWED by Sony. There had to be a subscription model available, and trophies could only be earned by players with an active subscription.
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Yes all those games are a huge fail.
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lazer_lice posted...
Yes all those games are a huge fail.

Now look up how many games started development before the latest of those games and DO have trophies.

Good luck.
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I like this game.
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