Noob here, looking for some help.

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3 years ago#21
I must have weak armor. Click Forums, sign up, and send a message saying you want an account, may take a few days to activate your account.
3 years ago#22
Same here, I have to be really careful and stick with my squadmates. I can't wait until I have some more skills unlocked and new gear, still I'm loving this game!
3 years ago#23
I have 480+520 armor and I'm dying in 2 shots. Effed up. Click Forums, sign up, and send a message saying you want an account, may take a few days to activate your account.
3 years ago#24
Here are some basic rules.

1. Don't attack heavies if they have a heavy machine gun.
2. Don't stand still. Ever. Everybody will instantly fire at you if the snipers don't immediately pop your head.
3. If you see a tank, RUN. Unless they've already seen you, in which case you're probably already dead.
4. If you have an empty equipment slot and some room left on your suit, just put a nanite injector on it. You can use them to revive people which gives you 60 points.
5. Snipers are dicks.
6. Tanks are dicks.
7. Dropships are like flying tanks that drop snipers. They're dicks.
8. If giant red lasers start dropping around you, look to see whose team is dying. If people on your team are dropping, you should probably haul ass before you get blown up. This is called orbital bombardment, aka the thing the winning team gets randomly, and uses to humiliate you further.
9. The game mode Ambush is actually pure chance. If you ever decide to play Ambush, hope you end up on the side with 8 tanks, because everybody in the other team is probably in basic gear and have no vehicles whatsoever. This game isn't exactly balanced.
10. If you're in a map where 2 objectives are in a city like structure and the other 2 or out in the middle of nowhere, and the enemy has one of the objectives out in the middle of nowhere, try hacking that. There's a good chance nobody is actually guarding it.
11. If there are six guys running around the map in a group murdering everybody, that's probably a squad. You can get one too if you go to the squad finder. Most of them require you to have a mic though (or don't even speak English) so choose wisely.
12. And finally... you will die. No matter how good you get there's always going to be a proto heavy, or a tank, or maybe you'll be running through a field and a guy with a charged sniper rifle gets you. This game is far from balanced, and has a lot of problems. All you can do is get out there with your rifle of choice, and do the best you can.

P.S (Rant time) MILITIA ASSAULT RIFLES ARE THE MOST OVERPOWERED THINGS OH MY GOD. You can use them infinitely because of the starting fits, and they do way too much damage. It doesn't matter how much armor I put on, those things kill in seconds. Okay... I'm done. Had to get that off my chest.
3 years ago#25
Weird, I don't have an issue get "owned" by any militia kit at all...99% I get killed its by a "premium" gun.
3 years ago#26
So my goals have changed a little in this, most I try and do now is draw out enemy players with pot shots and hope my team sees them before I'm dead. Or get a lav dropped and go for a tour and see how many I can run over, or try my hand at piloting a drop ship (which I really suck at lol but I'm improving). I'm having a blast which is the main thing.
3 years ago#27
On Ambush maps , always check the tops of buildings for the enemy , especially if its overlooking a supply depot.
2 years ago#28
hey guys! i am not a noob but i always die cause my armors suck.that sucks! gotta buy new armor.and do u guys think that GEK-38 assault rifle sucks?
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2 years ago#29
I deleted the game, gonna play Black Ops instead.
2 years ago#30
I just started playing too and I cant even seem to hit anyone with an assault rifle... is it me or is hit detection horrible on this game?
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