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2 years ago#1
So after a long ten hour wait I can finally delete my old character. YEAH! Now I just gotta select terminate... wait why isn't it gone? I didn't push terminate did I? I pushed the wrong thing. I said to keep it. I have to wait another ten hours...

Listen CCP, I understand why you make it ten hours, I JUST DON'T CARE. I WANNA PLAY SOME DUST!

And no, I can't just go ahead and make the new character. My username isn't open again until that character is gone. I could just use a different username besides Speedddogg, but that just feels wrong...
2 years ago#2
Try contacting CCP's support team and see if they can bypass the 10 hour time limit since you put yourself into a second one?


You should be able to clear and recreate the account afterwards. Also, if you don't have one already, feel free to use this link when creating your new character:


It gives you some starting recruit gear and the potential to unlock some other cool stuff if you keep playing, and if enough people use the link I give them, I get stuff too. Everyone wins! (unless you don't do it)
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