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I was a fan of the PS3 version (Archived)ScionX74/13/2010
WHere are the win/loss records in this game people have mentioned? (Archived)supercammando104/13/2010
Anyone use Dhees's Command? (Archived)akwan_tarot44/12/2010
Theres another new expansion pack out.... (Archived)Raat_man84/12/2010
Saint Dhees true text (Archived)akwan_tarot44/11/2010
exiting infastructure mode is an adventure in itself (Archived)final_lap14/9/2010
i super suck at the game, please tell me the story ending (spoiler) (Archived)motsinaction34/9/2010
What's the highest ranked player you've beaten? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Are board slots always setup to have opposite elements? (Archived)supercammando44/9/2010
So whats's the verdict? Worth it? Can you save during a round? (not sleep) (Archived)
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Yaksha Ninja Deck (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Stupid Question? (Archived)Norm72844/7/2010
challenge question: name the Base creature which can KO Great Minos of Sciondar (Archived)akwan_tarot74/6/2010
Help on the demo (Archived)l--Gh-0-sT--l34/6/2010
Can't beat Dioskuri (Archived)Zero250584/5/2010
Cubics in this game are such wastes of mana.... (Archived)shadownet_4644/5/2010
Are all cards in this game? (Archived)TheGladdness64/4/2010
First Expansion Master Pack License upload request (Archived)KzArashi84/4/2010
for people who might be intimidated by Truking and others like him (Archived)
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duel history lock/unlock? (Archived)final_lap24/2/2010
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