so i finally beat the last level and i must say..

#1dizzerpPosted 1/30/2010 3:07:45 PM
this is DEFINATELY a different pace from it's last game. in locoroco 2 the only time i died at all was bui bui fort 3, in midnight carnival i died so many times it isn't even funny. My only complaint is that it seems far too hard for a game i used to play when i was in my chill mood
#2ReeGPosted 2/2/2010 2:22:35 PM
Dood I just got to Bui Bui Fort 2 today and I can't comprehend how hard this game is

I probably died maybe 2-3 times in teh entire Loco Roco 2, and you're right, it's generally a chill and coast game........I cant believe how difficult this game is. I must've died on Bui Bui Fort 2 like 30 times already
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