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5 years ago#1
Ok im not sure if this is a glitch or not but I will say it anyway. I went through game and got most of the armour then I went back and played some missions in single mission to get some of the armour I missed. Well the last two pieces I collected don't show up and I didnt get the trophy
So unless the game means some other kind of armour than I would appreciate any advice on how to fix this problem. I went back to the same armour boxes but they didnt give me the armour still in both single mission and story mode
5 years ago#2
You sure you don't miss OTHER armor boxes?
5 years ago#3
as far as I know there is 5 sets of each exo proto and shell armor. I checked and I have all of the numbers for each one besides two arm ones armor shell 3 and exogear 5. But I went back to get them in the chest I missed the game even told me I got them. but they dont show up when I go to costumize armour. And I havent gotten the trophy unless there are #6 of each armour and I dont know it yet
5 years ago#4
5 years ago#5
Did you check the Armor Checklist that they added in the recent patch? That's helping me a lot right now.
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