Strength, Stature and Magical Aura

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Can anybody answer me, how do these three stats work? I've searched, but I really cant find an anwser.. :P Does it depend only on what type of combat u use?

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For example, I suppose Stature governs how tall you are, and that depends on how much you shoot stuff?

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Bump, interested in what strength, stature, etc. affect and if they can be changed.
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Strength Stature and magical aura are all affected by what you do in combat eg. if use your rifle or pistol more your stature will go up.
strength-character looks slightly bigger gets muscles
stature- character gets taller
magical aura- character gets magical glyphs and glow when using magic
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Strength controls how ripped you are (Raise it by using sword)
Stature is Height (Raise it by using guns)
And the last is how glowy you are, use magic.

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Do the runes and glowing look absolutely obnoxious again?

I sort of want to know if I can actually use magic this time without my character looking awful.
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Runes only appear when you are casting spells. They disappear when your doing nothing (THANK YOU!)
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Does it take very long to get up strength and stature because I think im pretty far in the game and I've upgraded my sword and my pistol and the road to rule three times each but my strength and stature are both still at 1 star. Is that normal?
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Upgrading Strength, Skill, and Will in the Road to Rule upgrades the stars for WEAPONS. You can view /those/ stars at the bottom of the Heroic Stats page. The three stats at the top only increase when you use the appropriate weaponry in combat.
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Runes only appear when you are casting spells. They disappear when your doing nothing

Thank god.
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