Sunset House - How to get there?

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6 years ago#1
I've searched, and searched... came across several topics asking this, but no answers, save a very vague one that said 'exit from Mourningwood'

Can anyone tell me specifically how to get there? I'm terribly lost.
6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3
Hard to explain, but: start in Morningwood fort. Run straight out of the gate into Morningwood (not toward the Hole, rather into the cemetery areas where you killed the hollow men with the mortar). To your left is the entrance to the Dark Sanctum (flaming gate); don't go there--run past. The next destination to your left is up a hill, it's the cemetery area where Sam and Max are--run past that too. You go through a sort of chokepoint between mausoleums. From this point on hug the lefthand side and the next exit you find will lead to Sunset House.
6 years ago#4
that was an EXTREMELY helpful answer, thank you kindly!
6 years ago#5
You find it?
6 years ago#6
yup, thanks again!
6 years ago#7
sorry to bump this, but I was reading the directions, is the dark sanctum the big flaming wall thing that the red cloak guy is standing in front of? and do you we have to go through that to get to the hill? because I haven't done that quest, and I'm trying to avoid the bad morality you get from it.

so will I end up having to do it, to get to sunset house?
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6 years ago#8

Finally someone intelligent enough to explain where the hell Sunset House is!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

6 years ago#9
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6 years ago#10
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