Wheres the cesspools entrance??

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I've read online it's across from the orphange but I've searched every damn building up and down in the area with no basement door to a cesspools. Can anyone better describe the location?
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i will pay 1000000000000000000 gold to the first person to help.
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Where is the orphanage?

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Its in bowerstone industrial, across from the orphanage. From where you first enter bowerstone on the quest where youre going yo meet the rebels for the frist time, cross the river and keep going untill you come to a three way intersection. In front is a big stone gate with the reaver industries sign, and to the right is a road with a bunch of houses on the left, and the orphanage on the right. The orphanage is the big building behind the broken down fence. As far as I know, the only way I could get into the cesspools was doing the quest where Laszlo's wife gets kidnaped. The entrance to the cesspools is in the third house from the bridge to the right, its across from the orphanage.

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the entrance is inside the house named wooble-fuddlebuck-glimborg mansion in bowerstone industrial.