Anyone got any cool fable 3 stories? and what are Relic weapons?

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I hope you don't cause now all of a sudden I cant tell you how cool they are, bro, or i might lose Karma in my Sims game.
I know that some chests spit out higher grade legendary weapons, and i saw someone refer to these weapons as relic weapons. But searching relic bring up ZERO topics.
So what are these high level weapons and what chests can hold them?
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They're called legendary weapons. A demon door in Mistpeak Valley has one. There's two at sunset house. One you need a gold key to open a gold door and one in the sunset house where you have to do a series of puzzles to get. I don't have the game guide infront of me to tell the rest.

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We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns 20
Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won’t all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes!

So yeah, I KNOW they are legendary weapons, but I am wondering what the ones are those ONLY appear in certain chests. And can someone be more specific? this dude jumbled a lot together.
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The weapons you are referring to are more commonly known as the elusive super legendaries. Many gamers are not able to find them and they allow you to do things that are difficult to explain.
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I dunno what is meant by relic weapons. The 50 key chest in Bowerstone castle is supposed to have one(and I did get a Dragonstomper out of it so eh). The other I know is labeled that is in the gold key door in the omissarry or something in that area where you go after Max, or Sam of Mourningwood.
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I give up
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There are four classes of Legendary Weapons, Common, ?????, Rare, Relic. All it really means is that they are harder to find and can only be found in random legendary weapon chests. Also Relic's generally do more damage and have better abilities.
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