earn guild seals from evil expressions...

#1joemama3434Posted 11/17/2010 9:51:42 AM
This is the last upgrade for my legendary weapon i need and i can't get it to work. Is there something specific I need to do? I've farted in so many people's faces i can't take it anymore!
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I though fart was just rude not necessarily evil...or am I just mixing up the Fable II expressions with this because they changed it so much...?

#4WantEggRollPosted 11/17/2010 10:08:12 AM
Make sure this is the first time you are interacting with that person so that you actually gain a guild seal when you fart on them. If you've already gained a seal off them it won't increase the upgrade bar anymore.
#5dawnstar23Posted 11/17/2010 10:27:43 AM
You might try killing everyone in the town and let them respawn to use evil expressions for seals.

Otherwise, take your weapon into another players world and earn seals from evil expressions.
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have you tried all the evil expressions?
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use search. there are topics giving helpful hints already posted.
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simple way to do so walk around town with the right trigger held down if they have a guild seal over their heads then you can use your fart or whatever to to get seals from them.. also you dont have to hold it down for the longer expression all you have to do is just tap it its what i had to do for one of the swords i got as well :)