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6 years ago#1

First of all, I really thank to Lionhead Studios for making fantastic games (Fable 1-3). It is very innovative and inventive. I really enjoyed fable 1 and 2 and I am looking forward to see and check fable 3 gladly. I really appreciate it. But my issue is that I love weapons and outfits of middle age which means I prefer weapons and outfits or armors of fable 1 to fable 2. Guns and pirate looking outfits of fable 2 is also admirable but I like fable 1's much more. Could LH make middle age weapons such as sword, axe, spear and shield and shiny iron armors in fable 4? I will story line to LH.

6 years ago#2
No, the games are moving FORWARD in time.
6 years ago#3

the game is moving foward in time, there is still bits of armor

like in the E3 trailer we saw that guy walk with walter down the stairs

full set of knight armor

6 years ago#4
Just cause something isn't practical for that time period, isn't a good enough reason to exclude it from the game. Think about some of the legendary weapons from previous Fables. Some of those weapons were pretty old. Who's to say a demon door can't guard a mythical suit of armor, or you come across armor lying deep in the ruins of some forgotten castle?
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6 years ago#5

Plus, if you actually went outside sometime, you would notice that we have things called 'Museums'. Lionhead could just put in quests where you steal armour from a museum, or something like that.

6 years ago#6

It just seems like a cop out putting armour back in.

They went through all this trouble to make it different to normal fantasy... and damn near everyone wants it to just regress back to Medieval times.

6 years ago#7
it's not a cop out to include medival armor with all the other types of clothing.

if anything it could have some kind of mobility negative for whoever wears it.
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6 years ago#8
Who's to say that there are no remaining suits of armor laying around to repair to working order or blacksmiths who are capable of recreating a working suit of platemail?

I mean there's heroes who decide to wear chicken suits, why wouldnt there be a hero who has a thing for old platemail?

Dont give me that stuff about "But platemail wouldnt protect you from bullets and would be too bulky." Yeah I can see that, but were walking around in freaking regular everyday clothes for crying out loud here. I dont see a chicken suit or a tuxedo jacket stopping a bullet either.

If players want to put on platemail then I think you should include a suit of armor just for kicks. Those of us who would rather wear clothes akin to the time period can wear them and thos of us who just want their hero to have a unique look can mix and match with as many options as possible.
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6 years ago#9
you mean like the knothole island knight armor?
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