co op guild seals.

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6 years ago#1
How is this going to work. I don't think they have said anything about it. When two people do a mission together will it split the guild seals or give each the whole amounjt? If the give each the whole it could make the game so easy in co op. But if they split them it might may the difficulty go up by making you have to work harder to open the chest and the gates on the road to rule.
XBX GamerTag---priestxiii
6 years ago#2
I'm only guessing but....
I don't think you will get any seals when you're the Co-Op player.

Lionhead has stated that being the CoOp player is the job that makes the most money in the game.... So I would assume this is in exchange for the seals you would normally get.

As well, it is easy to assume that you would not be able to earn followers in a different 'dimension' than the one you're from.... Those people are not trying to make YOU King, they are trying to make the HOST King.

So I would say it's easier to assume you'll get a monetary reward in exchange for seals you may have otherwise earned.

And the host will of course just earn whatever is normal.
U r Brane Splode'd!
6 years ago#3
That makes sense too but that would make it dumb to play co op, because you cannot level up. Which no matter how much they dress it up, your still just a henchmen, even worse because they earned exp in fable 2. I think they will earn guild seals that transfer over to their game. Otherwise that's two steps forward one step back.
XBX GamerTag---priestxiii
6 years ago#4
^ Good point.
So I think maybe they'll earn regular experience, but they won't get the normal rewards from quests.
Since being the henchie is supposed to earn a lot, I'm guessing quest rewards are money related.

That makes most sense, I think.... right?
U r Brane Splode'd!
6 years ago#5
Actually, you know what?
One dev said in an interview that the game does get easier when playing CoOp, and they were basically saying making it easier was like a reward for playing in CoOp....

They were asked about enemy difficulty and if the number of enemies increases in CoOp.....
But maybe it works with experience, too.

Anyways, I'm done guessing. :P
U r Brane Splode'd!
6 years ago#6
Your idea makes sense. They get guild seals, but the followers is based on host, and the money is the basic reward. So they get seals and can travel down the road to rule just to progress but it won't be the complete story or something. Hopefully we are right.
XBX GamerTag---priestxiii
6 years ago#7
I could not care less if you level up in co op. I am just happy co op will not utterly suck like in Fable 2.
6 years ago#8
Well if you don't get guild seals you cannot learn to dye your clothes or hair. You cannot learn more upgrades for your guy, your friend will be able to do all kinds of things and you will be the same from begining to end. Probably no zoom for ranged weapons, no flourishes, you had to learn those in 2 and probably will in 3. So you really want to just be an image of your character with no skills the entire co op experiance? Have fun with that.
XBX GamerTag---priestxiii
6 years ago#9
I was planning to level up in single player before I played co op anyways.
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