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5 years ago#1
For those who are fortunate enough to not know, the Jasper glitch causes Jasper to stop talking. This causes a game breaking bug in at least two places in the game (when you should get melee weapons and when you should get the quest list). Are there any instances later in the game that Jasper can break the game? That is, is it "safe" to allow this glitch to occur after gaining access to the quest list?

Also, I was able to recreate him going mute. I entered the sanctuary and he talks. Then I access the map, repair some houses, and he is broken when I exit the map. My fiance was getting the bug every time he fast traveled to the "Gnomes are Great!" quest while already in Brightwall. It sounds like it may have something to do with the map. Or else maybe it's just random.
5 years ago#2

After I purchased several places via the map he went mute as well. Not only is he mute, but I can't interact with him, and I can't fast travel using the D-Pad.

Pretty outrageous.

5 years ago#3
A lot of people report him being broken after doing different things. I'm pretty sure that him going mute is random, and for most people, inevitable. All of my friends have a mute Jasper, and I do too. I'm hoping that a patch will come out really soon, his commentary on my fashion choices keep me in check for sure.
5 years ago#4
I also fast travelled to the gnomes are great quest, after that he stopped talking for me as well!
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