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User Info: jimmydiddly

6 years ago#1
why doesnt it exist
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User Info: HaishaZangi

6 years ago#2
I'd pay 1 million for that.

User Info: blackmasta925

6 years ago#3
Because Lionhead thinks people enjoy repairing houses one by one.
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User Info: mfv12979

6 years ago#4

because lionhead wants you and me and the rest of the players to get annoyed and pissed of by repairing them all 1 at a time. to them its keep us busy. i know im mad too that there isn't any repair all button

User Info: Moomijubalub

6 years ago#5
because that would make the game too good, PM has to have at least 6 things wrong with his games on purpose because he's sadistic like that
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User Info: mfv12979

6 years ago#6

that makes sense. i guess hes evil towards us gamers LOL

User Info: djepic112

6 years ago#7
one of the most simple features left out for no good reason. I hate maintaining houses in this game.

User Info: Hozama

6 years ago#8
An auto-repair option would be best.

User Info: rytango

6 years ago#9
I just invest in stores. Investing in houses is a waste in Fable 3.

User Info: OniMibu

6 years ago#10
^^ This. I bought like 4 houses and every shop I don't think I'll be changing that >_>
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